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What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany — and Europe
9 months ago

The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices. This video is presented by CuriosityStream: Help us ...

DW News Livestream | Latest news and breaking stories
9 months ago

DW News goes deep beneath the surface, providing the key stories from Europe and around the world. Exciting reports and interviews from the worlds of politics, ...

Jordan Peterson Destroys Q&A | 25 February 2019
8 months ago

Monday, 25 February 2019 Jordan Peterson join the live Q&A Panel with Alex Hawke, Terri Butler, Cathryn McGregor and Van Badham. For more from Q&A, ...

Google CEO vs Congress Greatest Hits
10 months ago

Support This Channel: ...

Highlights: China celebrates 70th anniversary with biggest ever military parade
2 weeks ago

China showed off its newest missiles, including a nuclear-capable one, in its biggest ever military parade in Tiananmen Square to mark 70 years since its ...

Former Judge Tracie Hunter dragged out of the courtroom, ordered to serve six months in jail
3 months ago

Former Judge Tracie Hunter dragged out of the courtroom, ordered to serve six months in jail Subscribe to WLWT on YouTube now for more: ...

Full Interview: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle
5 months ago

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland enjoys a life of luxury. He has his own airport next to his mansion in Newark, Texas, where he keeps his private jets.

Trump: If you want to leave America, you can leave America
3 months ago

President Trump defends his tweets calling on Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to where they came from during an exchange with the press at the White ...

Angry Student Calls Jordan Peterson "MORON", Watch How He Responds
10 months ago

Arrest and Deportation of illegal immigrants, see here... Sign petition to remove Ilhan Omar from ...

Top 20 Incredible Safari Moments Caught on Camera
9 months ago

These top 20 incredible safari moments feature some amazing safari encounters captured on camera. From crazy lion attacks to safari vehicles being chased by ...

The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE on HBO
9 months ago

"Trade wars are good and easy to win," President Donald J. Trump famously tweeted. But how would one really impact everyday Americans? We traveled across ...

How Amazon Paid $0 Federal Income Tax in 2018
6 months ago

Amazon paid $0 in federal income taxes in 2018. On top of that, the company also received a multi-million dollar tax rebate from the federal government.

RAW VIDEO: Trooper shooting in Johnston County on April 4
5 months ago

RAW VIDEO: Trooper shooting in Johnston County on April 4.

Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle talk Trump and comedy tour
11 months ago

Comedians Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart discuss President Trump and their comedy tour with CNN's Amanpour at the Royal Albert Hall. #CNN #News.

How this border transformed a subcontinent  |  India & Pakistan
4 months ago

The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two. This season of Borders is presented by CuriosityStream. Watch thousands of documentaries ...

QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night
4 months ago

It's the most terrifying mid-air emergency in Australian aviation history - flight QF72's autopilot tried to kill all 315 people on board. They were only saved by the ...

Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENES - Alternate Time Heist Revealed!
5 months ago

Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes & Rejected Concepts Explained! How did the Endgame "Time Heist" and final Thanos battle almost play out very differently ...

Fact Check: How Trump’s Policies Reinforce His Racial Attacks | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
2 months ago

From rhetoric to policy, the Trump administration is under fire for discrimination. The Beat looks at the policy facts showing Trump is pushing a new rule that ...

AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee
8 months ago

Subscribe to our channel! Sheila Jackson Lee gets frustrated at attorney general during hearing Or visit our website: ...

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