(Marvel) It Always Ends in a Fight - Bucky Barnes Tribute

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7 months ago

An edit for James Buchanan Barnes.

I had a lot of trouble making this edit just because I didn't know how to tell Bucky's story. He was an innocent man who only wanted to fight for other people's freedom. But when he was taken captive, Hydra stripped him of these values, forcing him to hurt others. He no longer remembers who he was and no matter how much he tries to rediscover his identity, he will never do so. He lives a two-faced life. The world hates him - they seem him as an assassin. The only one who sees his true value, however, is Steve. The guilt that Bucky has to live with is unimaginable. I think Sebastian Stan's acting skills are on point - he's broken and you can even see it in his eyes.

In this edit, I wanted to show how lost Bucky was. His life was controlled by nothing but a book and ten words. I then tried to illustrate his guilt and how he has to cope with what he has done to the world. And of course, I showcased his relationship with Steve 😍

As I was researching this character, one thing I always wondered was "what was in Bucky's bag in Civil War?" Although it was never mentioned again in Civil War after the heroes were caught, Sebastian Stan confirmed that the backpack contained a dozen notebooks of thoughts and memories that Bucky could remember. It is sort of like a puzzle, trying to put together fragments of memories together. This is why I included it in the edit.


"Best friends since childhood. Inseparable on schoolyard and battlefield. Barnes was the only Howling Commando to give his life in service of his country."

"This doesn't have to end in a fight, Buck."
"it always ends in a fight."

Coloring: Jadon Wong
Music: So Far - Olafur Arnolds
Instagram: @jadonwong_

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