THE BEST 1/2 yard TOTE! Quick, Easy Sewing Fun for EVERYONE :)

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1 year ago

Yes, you got that right! I am claiming the BEST! haha! You can be the judge, but this tote is pretty great so I know you won't be disappointed! So, join me in making this fun and quick project :)

I LOVE scraps but I also appreciate a project that uses my piece of fabric to the fullest. That is the best part of this tote bag- it uses every piece of a 1/2 yard in a smart and useful way. AND, it is great for beginners too!

You can get the cutting guide and additional information about this project on my blog at ~

[external link]

Materials needed- 1/2 yard of cotton fabric, at least 40'' width.
1 yard stabilizer- I use Pellon Mid weight 40
Sewing machine, scissors, thread
Ironing Board and Iron
Optional- Glue stick from dollar store

Here are some of the supplies I use~
-My favorite seam ripper! [external link]
-the clear plexiglass ruler! [external link]
-a similar sewing machine to the one I have (and LOVE) [external link]
-a machine I would recommend to beginners [external link]

Visit my PDF Sewing pattern shop for more fun, cute, original and cute projects at [external link]

Visit my Blog for more information about me and to see my NINE years of sewing adventures :) [external link]

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