Airbus A320 Crashes in Canada | Lined Up For Disaster | Air Canada Flight 624 | 4K

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7 months ago

Find out why this Airbus A320 of Air Canada crashed just before touchdown short of the runway in an attempt to land in Halifax during heavy snow.

Buy the hardware that I use here: [external link]

Or Here:
CPU: [external link]
GPU (Graphic Card): [external link]
GPU (Cheaper, but Good): [external link]
RAM: [external link]
MOTHERBOARD: [external link]
Internal SSD : [external link]
4K MONITOR: [external link] or [external link]
MOUSE: [external link]
KEYBOARD: [external link]
Standard Hard Drive: [external link]
JOYSTICK: [external link]

Note: Flight Simulator 2018 is not a new game. With this title I mean a combination of effects, add-ons and other things (added to Prepar3D v4.3 - 64bit) that make this video seem more real.

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