Transforming into Louie's Life!!!

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1 week ago

@Smashboxcosmetics Photo Finish Fresh Setting Powder is now available at @UltaBeauty ! [external link]

We finally decided that it was time for my brother to do my makeup to see if we really do look alike!! To accomplish the look, we used products from @smashboxcosmetics to make sure I achieve the Louie Look!! This was so fun to do and at the end we left it up to you guys to decide if I really do look like Louie or not!!
#SBXSettingPowder #ad


Products used:

@smashboxcosmetics Studio skin full coverage 24 Hour foundation
@smashboxcosmetics Photo finish oil & shine control primer
@smashboxcosmetics Photo finish fresh setting powder
@smashboxcosmetics Denim eye shadow palette
@smashboxcosmetics Full exposure mascara

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Snapchat: yoatzii
Twitter: Yoatzi_xo

xoxo, Yoatzi 💋


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