Russia: Putin briefed on increased investment in Moscow infracture by Mayor Sobyanin

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Russia: Putin briefed on increased investment in Moscow infracture by Mayor Sobynanin

SOT, President Vladimir Putin, (Russian): "You have been the Mayor of the country's capital for five years now. Moscow is more than just a city, more than just a metropolis. We say it quite often, but Moscow is really Russia's heart. It is the country's heart in all senses of the word, the political heart, and the economic heart. The situation in Moscow is crucial for the rest of the country's wellbeing."

SOT, Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor, (Russian): "We have worked hard to improve the public transport situation over these last five years. Dozens of kilometres have been added to the metro lines, we have built around 400 kilometres of new roads, flyovers and exchanges, and have developed a civilised parking environment and a smart transport system. The transport situation had been worsening over the last two decades but we have turned this trend around and things are improving now. Traffic on Moscow's roads is moving 12 percent faster than it was before, and we have more frequent public transport services now."

SOT, Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor, (Russian): "Investment in Moscow main funds has increased by 50 percent over the last five years. Progress is even more noticeable if we look at the numbers in comparison to last year. We feared that investment would rapidly decline but this has not happened and the latest results for the first nine months of 2015 show that overall investment volumes are not dropping. The figures are roughly the same as they were last year. Last year's results were in turn 50 percent better than in 2010. In other words, the investment and projected dynamics remain stable and I think that we will not see any sudden drop in the coming years."

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