PreMarket Prep for April 15: Breaking down Friday's rotation from growth to value

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1 week ago

PreMarket Prep is a live trading talk show that airs weekdays from 8-9 am ET on YouTube as well as Check out our chat rooms to get your questions answered on the show!

We pride ourselves on being the best source of premarket trading strategy, and we feature some of Wall Street's best traders as guests.

On today's show, we're discussing:
- Earnings from GS and C
- NKE's post-Master's trade
- The problem of trading stocks like BPTH

Featured Guest:

Kenny Glick,

Meet the Hosts:

Dennis Dick

Joel Elconin

Tune into the show live or via podcast!

Soundcloud: @bztv
Google Play:…gd4pry47sjss2n2my

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