Parallel Universe से आयी एक रहस्यमय लड़की | The Mysterious Woman from a Parallel Universe in Hindi

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Parallel Universe से आयी एक रहस्यमय लड़की | Mysterious Girl got stuck on our Earth in Hindi

How it can happen?:

Quantum superposition is the principle in quantum mechanics that states that any two or more quantum states can be added together, resulting in another valid quantum state. In other words, an atom can be excited or not at the same time. Or it could be in two positions, also at the same time.

How we got the story ?

When searching for her condition she found that she could be from another dimension, She posted her story in comments on spanish site here : [external link]

Source 2: [external link]

Translated from Spanish:

Please, if anyone has gone through something similar, please contact me. I want to know what happened to me, as no pathology can tell me what has happened to me. I’ve spent the last five months reading theories that I find online and I’m convinced that I have jumped into an alternate reality. Something, some action I must have taken has changed my reality.

If I did jump into a parallel universe, then why am I living in the same year? I’m the same person, just minor differences in life.

To explain myself better, this is like having lost the last 5 months of my life. It’s like they were all just a dream, however everyone else has the memories of those 5 months except for me. And I’ve done things during that time that I have no memory of doing so.

Please, abstain from making jokes or telling me that you have “the truth”. This is very serious to me.

Thank you: [email protected]

What happened to Lerina Garcia Gordo? Did she suffer from a medical condition that made her believe she lived in an alternate world? Did she actually wake up in a different universe?

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