So Who Is Shepherd Bushiri?

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So Who Is Shepherd Bushiri?

And why has he become so popular and controversial at the same time these days? About 48 hours ago, he and his wife, Mary Bushiri, were arrested in Rustenburg, North West Province of South Africa, and placed under security custody, to appear in court on Monday 04 February 2019.

In this video, we are going to take a close look at the person of Shepherd Bushiri, his background, where he comes from, his career, and his impact on the people he shares relationship with. It is strongly believed, that by watching this video, you will definitely be in a better position to make more informed and objective opinion about Shepherd Bushiri, and also, better understand why he is both popular and controversial.

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Shepherd Huxley Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, or Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is a preacher, motivational speaker, author and businessman from a country called Malawi. He was born on 20 February 1983, and so currently, he is almost 36 years.

Malawi is a land-locked country in south-eastern Africa. The country is defined by its topography of highlands, split by the Great Rift Valley, and enormous lake, called Lake Malawi. The captical city is Lilongwe, and the monetary currency is the Malawian kwacha. The current president of Malawi is Peter Mutharika. The population is 18.62 million, according to World Bank publication in 2017. The official languages are English and Chewa. Malawi gain independence from the British on 06 July 1964, and assumed a republican status on 06 July 1966. The per capita income of Malawi is $1.18.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri founded, and leads a non-denominational evangelical church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering. The church has its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, not Malawi, with branches in other African countries, and around the world. Tens of thousands of people are attracted to the church every day. He describes the church as a Prophetic Ministry, based on the principle that, God cares and loves people, and wants to speak directly to them, and directly so.

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