Fallout 4 Analysis

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4 years ago

Time Links:

5:34 - The Opening of Fallout 4

11:37 - The Story--HATE SPOILERS

24:40 - The Story--Kellogg's Cornflakes

40:28 - The Story--The Heart of the Problem

51:29 - The Story--Four Roads to the Same Place

1:00:00 - It's Not All Bad

1:03:53 - The UI and Inventory Management

1:06:32 - 200 Years of Nitpicks (210)

1:14:43 - The Details

I think I could have kept talking about more gameplay details but videos can be *too* long. There's also a mistake early on: the game was released on the 10th, not the 11th.

To all modders: I look forward to the "Mama Murphey Starter Kit" that puts a pack of drugs in Sanctuary that are needed to kill her. Please make it happen.

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