Crime Patrol Satark: Case 11/2018, Real Story of Allahabad, UP (Episode 902, 903 on 10, 11 March)

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Nitin Jaisawal (Mandar Jadhav) is a student of research at India's one wellknown university. He does not take much interest in Politics while university's elections are also coming and campaigning is a the peak. He believes that the candidate that give better clarity on their agenda, will get his vote.

A night coming back from somewhere when he is just opening doors of his room, a man comes from behind and shoots him. Nitin dieds on the spot. Nearby people brings him to the hospital but where doctors declares him dead. Murder in between election season points towards a political murder but police wants to investigate first before giving any statement.

Police comes to know that some time back Nitin's engagement was fixed with a girl Prerna (Sharvi Mota) which was broken after Nitin's denial. Police's prime suspects are Prerna's Father (Aasit Rejid) and Brother (Puneet Kumar) but later they comes to know that the marriage was broken not because of Nitin but Prerna was in love with some other guy and she requested Nitin to refuse the proposal. Facebook: [external link] Facebook: [external link]


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