Today Breaking News ! आज 10 जनवरी के मुख्य समाचार, 10 January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, GST, LPG, Bank 5G

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Today Breaking News ! आज 10 जनवरी के मुख्य समाचार, 10 January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, GST, LPG, Bank, 5G, Jio new offer- dls news aaj ki taza khabar by DLS Bhai

आज सुबह सुबह के सभी मुख्य समाचार दिनभर की ताजा खबरें बड़ी खबरें अपडेट -सुबह की ताजा खबरें

आज के सोने चांदी के भाव:-
- आज सोने का भाव 110 रुपए तेज होकर 32,800 रुपए प्रति 10 ग्राम पर पहुंच गया।
- चांदी के दाम में 300 रुपए की तेजी आई और 40,100 रुपए प्रति किलो हो गया।
आज के पेट्रोल डीजल के भाव :-
- आज पेट्रोल की कीमत 68.65 रुपये / लीटर है।
- भारत में डीजल की कीमत आज 62.69 रुपये / लीटर है।

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Today Top Headlines news :-
1. The first meeting of the GST Council in 2019 today will be electricity-petrol-bikes cheap on January 10th? GST council can take big decision
2. Ayodhya dispute: Bench of 5 judges to hear on January 10 in Supreme Court
3. Those who have made a learning license will not have to give great relief, on the license of re-license, the test will also be charged less
4. Banks do not listen to the problem here, complaint, know how to contact Banking Ombudsman
5. The government will replace the rules, 10 from here, but not even after 3 years.
6. Smart glasses will help prevent road accidents, such alert will
7. Now through this 'Secret Code' you will be able to pay for the money, the new rules issued by the RBI
8. To stop new service / card fraud, the RBI issued the token system guidelines, at 3 points, understand the arrangement.

13. The gas agency will be able to open in these states including UP-Bihar, lakhs of income every month
14. Start with only Rs. 50 thousand. This business will be done with improving the future of children.
15. RBI is not the world's richest bank, the central bank of the US has such a big treasure
16. Now there will be no tension of electricity, plant this tree in your house and get electricity free for the whole world
17. Bill for reservations of upper castes passed in Lok Sabha, PM Modi did thanks to all parties
21. Modi Government's big gift for middle class people will be fulfilled soon, dream of your home!
22. Google has removed 85 of these dangerous apps from the Play Store, even if you do not have it anywhere in your phone, read the complete list
23. Farmers in Uttarakhand will get zero interest rate on agriculture loans: CM

26. PM Modi will take 'Examination Discussion 2.0'
27. PNG users can get gifts of subsidy, government preparations
28. News of Akashvani can now be heard on private radio FM channel

32. Big news: Modi government to increase 50 percent of budget for cheap houses
33. Budget 2019-20: The interim budget 2019 will be presented on February 1, relief on these things.
34. Jio to give a chance to meet Shahrukh Khan, just have to do this small work
35. Preparation of 5G in the country is going to be tight, IOT and M2M standards will be fixed in 2 months
36. Gold Price Today: Gold prices rose by 300 rupees in 3 days,

43. Subsidy will be given to the farmers of Punjab Government for the purchase of a gift, paddy transplanting machine.
44. Shattering offer of IndiGo, only in 899, non-stop air travel
45. Application for such a 13 thousand posts, including the golden opportunity to get jobs in Railway.
46. ​​Strange complaint: The young man was stolen, reached the police station, the police was shocked.

Today Breaking News ! आज 10 जनवरी के मुख्य समाचार, 10 January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, GST, LPG, Bank 5G, Jio news


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