Not Every Great Idea Comes Wrapped in a Hoodie

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Join us LIVE and discover how older entrepreneurs are helping to shape the tech landscape. "Not Every Great Idea Comes Wrapped in a Hoodie" is the title of a panel discussion co-organized by ITU, UNDESA, AARP and Global Coalition on Aging.

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There is a commonly held perception that younger people possess more transformative and creative technology ideas than older people. However, older entrepreneurs maintain experience in critically analyzing financial and tech markets – a vital skill younger people may lack. Additionally, older entrepreneurs have developed leadership and problem-solving skills integral to promoting productivity within a company.

Inclusivity is a fundamental pillar of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Thus, strides must be made to also increase age inclusivity in entrepreneurial tech to effectively engage and support older entrepreneurs. As populations grow increasingly older and healthier, it is important to overcome bias (both unconscious and overt) and also invest in older tech entrepreneurs and to grow a more inclusive professional culture.

Given the opportunities and risks of rapid technological change, which is increasingly transforming economies and societies around the world, it is vital that the contributions and potential of older
entrepreneurs are not overlooked or sidelined. Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals will require the contributions of all of us. Importantly, the purpose is not to pit older and younger tech entrepreneurs against each other or to establish a preference in favour of older entrepreneurs, but rather to dispel myths and stereotypes and help support the creation of a more inclusive tech sector in which age (young or older) is not a barrier and in which good business ideas can find support and investment regardless of irrelevant factors.


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