Demolition of the Hoerskool Driehoek Bridge 2

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4 months ago

Demolition of the Hoerskool Driehoek Bridge
Dickinson Group of Companies is always making a continuous effort to relentlessly partner and be involved with the community around it. In yet another corporate social responsibility initiative, the company joined the local community’s efforts to rehabilitate Hoerskool Driehoek in the Vaal Triangle by volunteering its Civil Concrete Demolition Services.

This followed the unfortunate 1st of February incident where a school bridge collapse at the school resulted in the death of 4 pupils and in several other pupils being injured. The Civil Concrete Demolition Services were used to safely remove the rest of the dangerous bridge’s concrete structure that had remained in place after the incident.

The Demolition was done using a remotely operated machine (the Brokk 100), that allows an operator to manipulate the machine’s movements from a safe location, thereby eliminating exposure of humans to the unstable surface. The project was completed within 11 hours.

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