Chennai: Visitors upset over delayed events, lack of innovation at Tourism fair

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5 days ago

The 45th edition of India Tourist and Industrial Fair organised at the Island Grounds, Chennai disappointed the visitors, as unattractive pavilions, rusted giant wheels and oily pappad greeted them. Four departments and government undertakings yet to build their pavilions completely till January 11. The Theme of this year’s fair ‘tourism and digital transformation’ is not getting reflected in the pavillions. The Workers continued to give finishing touches even after the fair was declared open. This year, there are 28 pavilions from state government departments, 16 from state government undertakings and two from the Union ministry. While the tourism department has sanctioned ₹1.20 crore for the departments, the fair has been outsourced to a private event management firm. Despite the entry of a private player, the fair, once a big ticket event by the Marina, has missed the year-ending holiday season.

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