World's LONGEST FLIGHT in Premium ECONOMY on Singapore Airlines

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10 months ago

Join me to fly the World's Longest Flight SQ21 from New York/Newark to Singapore on Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR. (Ultra Long Range)

This video shows everything about this Ultra Long Haul Flight. I was genuinely interested to see how the premium economy class is on this ultra long flight. Watch the video to see how I survive on the World's Longest Flight!

In this video:
0:10 - Airbus footage of building A350ULR
1:25 - Cabin Tour of Singapore Airlines A350ULR
2:28 - Virgin Atlantic Club House Newark
2:35 - Gate Ceremony at Newark before departure
4:43 - The World's Longest Flight from NY to Singapore
12:38 - Captain's briefing of the flight
19:13 - Behind the scenes celebration

For more of trip details, please visit my blog:
[external link]

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