Amar Bhajan Ganga - (Full Album Stream)

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Artistes - Ashit Desai, Anup Jalota, Hema Desai, Chandu Mattani, Parthiv Gohil, Alap Desai, Deepali Somaiya, Karsan Saghatiya

1. Pratham Pehla - Karsan Saghatiya (00:00)
2. Narayan nu Naam - Hema Desai (04:54)
3. Hari Tu Gaadu Maru - Parthiv Gohil (09:30)
4. Dhhuni re Dhakhavi - Alap Desai (13:38)
5. Junu to Thayu - Deepali Somalia (18:04)
6. Hari Hadve Hadve - Chandu Mattani (22:07)
7. Rangai jaa ne Rangma - Anup Jalota (26:01)
8. Rakh na Ramakda - Parthiv Gohil (29:56)
9. Unchi Medi - Hema Desai (33:59)
10. Hari ne Bhajata - Deepali Somalia (37:47)
11. Hansala Halo ne Have - Hema Desai (41:42)
12. Janam Janam na Phera - Chandu Mattani (46:35)
13. Pankhida ne a Pinjaru - Alap Desai (52:03)
14. Vaishnav Jan - Anup Jalota (55:44)
15. Odhaji Maara Vaala ne - Hema Desai (01:00:53)
16. Bhitar ne Bheru - Ashit Desai (01:05:02)
17. Dwarika na Naath - Hema Desai (01:09:58)
18. Saune Jai Shri Krishna - Alap Desai (01:13:48)

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Amar Bhajan Ganga: Music to our ears is heavenly and it is truly divine when rendered in purely devotional form. Such a genre of music is the Bhajan. Nothing is more deeply rooted in the peoples of the Indian Sub-Continent than the tradition of Bhajans; simple soulful songs expressing the myriad emotions of love for God in a complete submission to him through singing.
Many saint poets have written verses which are still treasured to this day. In Amar Bhajan Ganga, we present everlasting Gujarati bhajans penned by some of the legends of the past and the present; Meerabai, Narsinh Mehta, Avinash Vyas and others. In a treasure-trove of divine verses, these are just a miniscule number of bhajans that we all cherish with fervour, and are soulfully rendered here by some of the finest exponents of Indian vocal music.
Just as the revered river Ganga has done since time immemorial, the divine verses rendered in Amar Bhajan Ganga create a sense of timeless flow that nourishes and rejuvenates our Inner Self.

Conceived and produced by Hemant Mattani


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