Most AMAZING Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

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Check out the most amazing stories that will restore your faith in humanity! This top 10 list of touching positive stories about real life heroes that saved other people's lives will make you cry!

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10. Mosque Welcomes Churchgoers
When you see religion in the news, it’s usually not a good thing. It’s usually something about conflict and division. In this case however, we got a nice story! In spite of it being the result of a devastating event that could have spelled disaster for churchgoers in Texas.

9. Worker Gifted a Jeep
Big companies have a bad reputation for being obsessed with money and not very respectful of their workers. That may be true in some cases, but not when it came to Derrick Taylor. This hard-working 19-year-old from Alabama walked a 10-mile round trip every day to get to his job at UPS.

8. Boy Lifts Car
Sugar City Idaho resident Stephen Parker thought he’d taken all precautions when he jacked up his Toyota Prius to remove the engine. However in a calamitous turn of events, the vehicle suddenly collapsed on top of him, crushing him underneath. His only hope was his son J.T. And he was only 8 years old! His older brother who was 17 had just gone back inside after cutting his hand.

7. Sit With Us
We all remember those awkward times in the school cafeteria, trying to find someone to sit with and maybe being ridiculed or even worse bullied for our trouble. If you have ever moved to a new school, the first couple of days are always the hardest. If you were lucky, you always had friends around, but a lot of kids are forced to eat alone.

6. Pilot Kidney Transplant
Pilot Jodi Harskamp of Alaska Airlines was used to danger up in the air. However it was danger closer to home that caught her off guard, when her house burned down in 2013. A woman Jodi had never met, named Jenny Stansel, came over with a freshly made lasagna to keep her spirits up.

5. Khloe Kares
She may only be 10, but Khloe Thompson and her ‘Khloe Kares’ project are already a phenomenon. This young lady has made a big name for herself through her acts of kindness. Little she may be, but she clearly has one enormous heart!

4. A New Proposal
This next story is very romantic. If you don’t like the slushy stuff and are thinking “Oh no!”, then don’t worry. This is a genuinely touching tale of marital devotion that you’ll be glad you didn’t skip through. Jim and Lora Koch from Iowa got hitched in 1990 and have been a strong couple ever since.

3. The Blind Traveller
If there’s one thing you definitely need when travelling the world it’s your eyes and ears, right? Well, not necessarily! British backpacker Tony Giles, has been breaking stereotypes by visiting different countries and experiencing them for himself in a unique way.

2. Meet the Mooks
Jack Mook used to be a detective in Pittsburgh, and in his spare time he would volunteer at a local boxing gym. It was there he ran into two young brothers, Josh and Jessee, who were suffering from a troubled home environment.

1. Air Plane Ticket
Travelling anywhere these days can be pretty stressful, and expensive. Especially if you are travelling with children. A man went to check in for his flight at a Nebraska airport holding his 2-year-old toddler. The agent asked how old she was and it turns out she was 2 years old, 2 months. In theory children up to the age of 2 can fly for free, and the agent argued that she was over the limit.

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