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12 months ago

you: "Bryson other people have already made school videos!!! You're unoriginal!"

Me: "well, I also went to school. calm down."

Check out my Twitter: [external link]

I use Adobe animate cc to animate and I use Adobe premiere pro to edit. I use the Gaomon PD1560 tablet but I used to use a bamboo tablet. I use the audio technica AT 2020 to record my audio.

Wanna send fan art? Cool! Just tag me on twitter or send it to this email: [email protected] if you do send fan art then be sure to specify how you want to be credited.

(I recommend sending it through twitter but it’s ok if you email it.)

Thanks for all the support guys! See ya later!

Wow you read all this? You are dedicated my friend. I bless you with an "A" on your next assignment.

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