The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.
3 months ago

My initial review of the Pro Display XDR! Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro is no doubt but I'm most excited for Apple's Pro Display XDR which is a 32-inch 6K HDR ...

Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR — Apple
4 months ago

Introducing the most configurable, expandable Mac ever and the world's best pro display. Mac Pro has a Xeon processor with up to 28 cores, numerous ...

2019 Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR: Hands on and First Look!
4 months ago

This is Apple's newly redesigned 2019 Mac Pro and the 32" 6K Apple Pro Display XDR! Make sure to stay tuned to the AppleInsider YouTube channel for more ...

Apple Event  2019: Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR - First Look
4 months ago

I want it. No, not Craig Federighi's hair. I'm talking about Apple's new 6K, 32-inch Pro Display XDR. It's a jaw-droppingly beautiful screen, and its reveal at ...

Apple Sheep RANTS on Pro Display XDR & Mac Pro 2019
3 months ago

Subscribe to our Podcast: ○ Tailosive Merch: ...

"Pro" Filmmaker Reacts to New Mac Pro And XDR Display from Apple
3 months ago

Apple announced their new mac pro as well as their new xdr Display. This is my reaction as well as my thoughts on this new setup. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...

2016-19 Polaris RZR XP Turbo - XDR Off-Road Blow-Off/Diverter Valve
4 months ago

2016-19 Polaris RZR XP Turbo - XDR Off-Road Blow-Off/Diverter Valve 615904. Please subscribe: ...

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
3 months ago

Got a quick sneak peak at the new Mac Pro! WOW WOOW WOWOWOW ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...

WWDC 2019 Keynote — Apple
3 months ago

Apple WWDC 2019. One big week. Even bigger announcements. Announcing updates to iOS, watchOS, and macOS. And introducing iPadOS, the all-new Mac ...

SRAM XDR freehub body conversion
7 months ago

SRAM's new AXS groupset requires an XDR freehub body. Micah from SRAM was at Frostbike to show us how to replace an 11 speed freehub with an XDR ...

PrintBrush XDR -Color everywhere!
9 months ago

First-of-its-kind pocket color inkjet printer for smartphones! Print on virtually any surface with the wave of your hand! Now in pilot production.

مامۆستا خدر قادری(خلە دەرزی) ئازیزێ, Azize Xdr Qadri
3 years ago

Azize ba dangi Xdr Qadri nasraw ba Xla darzi.

«Apple Pro Display XDR» от ASUS?
1 week ago

Партнёр Rozetked на выставке IFA — Interstep, скидочки: Apple Pro Display XDR от ASUS? Почему бы и нет? Смотрим на самы...

직접 보면 더 놀라운 애플 2019 맥프로 + 프로 디스플레이 XDR 제대로 보기! - Mac pro + Pro Display XDR
3 months ago

WWDC2019 현장에서 애플 2019 맥프로와 프로 디스플레이 XDR을 확인해 봤습니다. 전문가들이 사용하는 제품인데 저도 사고 싶을 정도로 강력한 매력을...

Should you get the Pro XDR Display by Apple?
3 months ago

Apple just unveiled their new Pro XDR display. It's got a hefty price tag at $4999 plus an extra $999 for the stand. Is the Apple Pro XDR Display worth it? Should ...

SRAM Road: HG to XDR Driver Body Conversion
7 months ago

This video will guide you through the HG to XDR Driver Body conversion process. Visit for more information.

Apple Pro Display XDR – Web-based Augmented Reality Preview
3 months ago

Read the article: You can see this for yourself on iOS 12 and later right here: ...

People's reactions to New Apple's $1000 Dollar Pro Display XDR Monitor Stand!
3 months ago

New Apple's $1000 dollar monitor stand is insanely expensive and people at the key note laughed about it.

1400만원 넘는  애플 맥프로 2019 사야할까? 프로 디스플레이 XDR 사야할까? 결론은?
3 months ago

애플 맥프로 그리고 전문가의 모니터 프로 디스플레이 XDR 자세한 스팩 전문가 입장에서 이 컴퓨터를 사야하는가? 최소 1400만원이 넘는 전문가용...

WWDC19現場直擊|Pro Display XDR 6K螢幕竟有這麼多細節
4 months ago

直擊6k螢幕(Pro Display XDR)螢幕實際的表現增強的HDR (亮度1000nits 峰值亮度1600nits 動態對比度100萬:1)對編輯HDR 照片來說非常強大,當然這也是搭配...

1400만원 애플의 초고사양 전문가용 맥프로2019, 프로 디스플레이 XDR 실물영접! (WWDC19)
4 months ago

저는 지금 애플의 개발자회의 WWDC19 참석차 San Jose에 와있습니다. 곧 ios13 및 각종 OS 업데이트 내용도 올릴게요! 감사합니다.

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