White House dismisses fears of a recession l ABC News
24 hours ago

President Donald Trump's economic advisers have a singular message that the economy is strong, but other experts are concerned. #ABCNews #Trump ...

White House extends olive branch to China with Huawei delay
17 hours ago

Chris Garcia, former deputy director of the Commerce Department, gives his take on the White House giving Huawei another 90 days to buy from American ...

White House downplays recession fears
2 days ago

Amid economic indicators signaling a potential recession, White House advisers were bullish discussing the economy on the Aug. 18 Sunday shows.

‘We’re going to have a strong economy through 2020’: White House trade adviser
2 days ago

Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing, joins Martha Raddatz on “This Week.”

White House trade official Peter Navarro downplays consumer impact of Chinese tariffs
2 days ago

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro joins Margaret Brennan to discuss protests in Hong Kong, the economy and trade talks with China. Subscribe to ...

Trump redecorates White House with gold walls, chandelier
2 years ago

Trump told Time magazine he also installed a flat screen TV in his White House dining room and called TiVo "one of the greatest inventions of all time."

Secret Service guns down armed man outside White House
3 years ago

The White House was briefly locked down after a shooting occurred nearby. President Obama was not on the grounds at the time of the shooting, but security ...

How the White House master bedroom has changed
3 years ago

One of 132 rooms in the White House, the second-floor master bedroom is located in the president's private residence. The room wasn't always used as a ...

Obama welcomes Trump to White House
3 years ago

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House, marking the beginning of the transition process.

The President Welcomes the Pope to the White House
4 years ago

President Obama delivers remarks welcoming His Holiness Pope Francis to the White House during the Pope's first visit to the United States. September 23 ...

White House Staff: Our American Stories
6 years ago

We are a Nation of immigrants. The White House, just like any other office, is full of American stories that started abroad. To learn more & to share your family's ...

President Donald Trump's motorcade heads to White House
3 years ago

President Donald Trump's motorcade heads from the U.S. Capitol to the White House. Crowd includes supporters and protestors.

White House executive chef prepares for Japanese state dinner
4 years ago

After a visit together to the Lincoln Memorial Monday, President Obama formally meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Tuesday at the White House.

White House photographer Pete Souza
3 years ago

President Obama is leaving behind a huge photo album of his time in the White House - about two million images - all thanks to the man our Bill Plante has been ...

KANYE WEST Goes On A RANT At The White House With President Trump
10 months ago

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com Kanye West, one of President Trump's most famous and vocal supporters, met with the president at the ...

Trump invites Kim Jong Un to White House
2 months ago

US President Donald Trump has invited North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to the White House after the pair met on Sunday.

A Look Inside the First Family's Residence
3 years ago

President Obama shares a look inside the First Family's home at the White House for the last 8 years.

Inside the White House: The Situation Room
10 years ago

An exclusive look inside one of the most secure spaces in the country, the White House Situation Room. December 18, 2009 (Public Domain)

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