Exclusive Chris Watts Update
3 days ago

chriswatts #shanannwatts FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE The Copyright Laws of the United States recognizes a “fair use” of copyrighted content. Section 107 ...

7-Year-Old Child Injured In Watts Shooting
9 hours ago

A spokesperson for the LAPD said officers were in the area of Wilmington and 109th St. around 8:20 p.m. when they heard gunfire and saw a man running from ...

Audio: Chris Watts prison interview, part 1
4 months ago

In February, confessed murderer Chris Watts provided investigators with new details about how and why he killed his pregnant wife Shanann and their two ...

4 hours ago

Spare a minute to also Check out my Music Channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/c/lofiwiara/live Listen to Alan Watts every day on the go: ▫ Spotify ...

Chris Watts Update - New Girlfriend & Mommy 7-16-19
2 days ago

Check out Scott Reich attorney at law Greely-Fredrick Colorado area break down of the video from the driveway. Thanks again Scott for keeping it real. I know ...

8 hours ago

Hi Friends! There's always a lot of discussion on this case. A year later, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions! CHECK OUT MY NEW AMAZON ...

Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)
7 months ago

Real footage of the Chris watts case edited as the tragedy unfolded.

Lies, Crimes and Video: Chris Watts Speaks
3 days ago

SNEAK PEEK... HLN's "Lies, Crimes and Video" episode "Killer Dad: Chris Watts Speaks". “Loving” father Chris Watts turns into one of the nation's most ...

Chris Watts New "Girlfriend" Bashes Shanann Just Like Cindy Watts Does
2 days ago

Analyzing the words from Anna Marks Nowak bashing Shanann & disrespecting her just like Chris Mother Cindy Watts. Such a shame! Don't forget to Subscribe: ...

Mistress of Chris Watts Blows Him Kisses in Video
6 days ago

Just weeks before Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters, he took an intimate vacation with his mistress. Video recorded during the ...

6 months ago

Today we Cover the Tragic Case of the Watts Family Homicide. Chris Watts has been found guilty in the murder of his pregnant wife (Shanann Watts, pregnant ...

Shanann Watts Family Responds to HLN Chris Watts Segment
3 days ago

chriswatts #shanannwatts #annamarksnowak Shanann Watts family member responds to HLN docu-series called Lies, Crimes and Video. Also response and ...

Chris Watts Update - Lizard Man And His Legal Battle & Viewer Questions
3 weeks ago

The latest news and information on Chris Watts as of June 25th, 2019. His legal battle, his time in prison, along with viewer questions answered. Garnishment ...

Christopher Watts describes killing his daughters in chilling jailhouse interviewing
4 months ago

The convicted killer detailed how he murdered his young daughters after slaying his pregnant wife. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: ...

Chris Watts | Crude Oil Facts | Removal Report
3 months ago

Details on Bella & Celeste Watts removal report from the discovery, with Crude oil facts. This video is to show the world just how inhumane Chris Watts really is.

Unseen moments from the Chris Watts confession tapes
8 months ago

These unseen confession tapes show the moment Chris Watts explains why he put the bodies of his family in oil tanks.

Chris Watts has a flashback of murder.
6 months ago

Chris Watts has a flashback of the murder.

Armchair Detective Releases MORE PICS of Chris Watts & Nichol Kessinger Affair.. | My Thoughts
3 weeks ago

THIS CONTENT FALLS UNDER FAIR USE UNDER COMMENTARY AND CRITIQUE. I'm countering some point Armchair Detective made and giving MY ...

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