Protests in Hong Kong reach its 11th week
1 day ago

The ongoing demonstration in China has successfully delayed the proposed extradition bill, but the people of Hong Kong will not stop protesting until the bill is ...

Hong Kong divided: clashes continue on eleventh week of protests
2 days ago

It was a tale of two cities in Hong Kong today. On one side of the harbour, thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators chanted "Liberate Hong Kong!

Hong Kong protests: Pro-government supporters rally in Tamar Park
2 days ago

Pro-government supporters held a rally in Hong Kong's Tamar Park on Saturday (Aug 17), chanting and waving the Chinese flag. For more: ...

Pro Beijing supporters rally in Sydney to criticise Hong Kong protests
2 days ago

Hundreds of pro-Beijing supporters marched through Sydney on Saturday (Aug 17) to criticise the Hong Kong protests. They chanted "stop violence" and sang ...

Pro-democracy, pro-government stage dueling protests in Hong Kong
2 days ago

Susan Li reports on the mass demonstrations that have been taking placce in Hong Kong. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...

New Hong Kong protests as China moves armed vehicles to border | ITV News
3 days ago

Hongkongers have joined together for another round of protests, marking the start of the 11th weekend of demonstrations. On Friday evening, thousands of ...

Hong Kong protest: Thousands of teachers rally
2 days ago

Teachers in Hong Kong marched towards Carrie Lam's official residence on Saturday (Aug 17) as another weekend of protests got underway. Full story: ...

Chinese ambassador: Beijing not to 'sit by and watch' if Hong Kong protests turn into unrest
3 days ago

China's central government will not "sit by and watch" if the situation in Hong Kong deteriorates and turns into unrest and becomes uncontrollable, said Liu ...

Watch: Tuesday Hong Kong airport protests
6 days ago

Chaos erupted at Hong Kong's airport as riot police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with protesters who occupied a terminal. For two months, the ...

Beijing watches as Hong Kong prepares for another weekend of protests
3 days ago

After weeks of dramatic protests, and increasing violence, it's been relatively quiet in Hong Kong. But with more demonstrations planned over the weekend, that's ...

Hong Kong Protests Spread Worldwide
5 hours ago

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that started in June have now spread around the world. Parallel demonstration took place in the United States, Canada, ...

Watch Again: Hong Kong protesters violently clash with riot police
6 days ago

Protesters clashed with riot police at Hong Kong's international airport on Tuesday evening after flights were disrupted for a second day, plunging the former ...

6 days ago

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Hong Kong's Kowloon side rocked by more anti-government protests
1 day ago

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: August 17 saw continued protests in Hong Kong. This is the 11th week in the ...

Hong Kong protests: China sends paramilitary police to the border
4 days ago

Donald Trump has urged the Chinese President to personally meet with protestors in Hong Kong, after weeks of violent clashes between the police and ...

Protesters march from Victoria Park in Hong Kong, demand political reform
20 hours ago

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters marched in the rain from Victoria Park to the financial district in Hong Kong, demanding political reforms.

Hong Kong: Calls for Britain to take stance on crisis
3 days ago

Hong Kong is braced for another weekend of trouble as China's paramilitary police force watches from the border - and the former head of Hong Kong's civil ...

China 'will not sit on its hands' over Hong Kong protests
4 days ago

China's ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming told reporters that if the situation “deteriorates further” and is uncontrollable for Hong Kong authorities “the central ...

Hong Kong protesters get creative as Chinese forces lurk nearby | DW News
2 days ago

Hong Kong is facing another weekend of protests by the pro-democracy movement, and the situation is growing increasingly tense. There's uncertainty about ...

Hong Kong rally spokesperson: we are fighting the Communist party
3 days ago

Hong Kong rally spokesperson Sunny Cheung explains what the protests are all about. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering ...

Aerial footage shows extent of Hong Kong protest - BBC News
2 hours ago

Hundreds of thousands of people held another day of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, after at least 10 weeks of similar demonstrations in the city.

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