Screening The TSA
10 years ago

The Transportation Security Administration says passenger checkpoints are making flights safer, but a security adviser says those measures are "security theater ...

New TSA screening technology provides faster, better view
2 years ago

The scanners TSA uses to scan carry-ons at airport checkpoints are nearly a decade old. The future may be taking technology that revolutionized medicine and ...

TSA : ضربة موجعة للرئيس الجزائري المؤقت بن صالح
13 hours ago

TSA : ضربة موجعة للرئيس الجزائري المؤقت بن صالح.

TSA Check
1 year ago

TSA Check. Airport TSA checkpoints are no funny business. Don't even TRY to get past this security guard. Be Sure To Subscribe to Studio C ...

TSA to debut new baggage scanners
9 months ago

The TSA is launching new technology that could change the way bags are scanned at airports across the country. The goal is to replace aging X-ray scanners ...

First look inside TSA training academy
3 years ago

Only on "CBS This Morning," we take a look at how the TSA is making an unprecedented move to improve airport security. The agency is training all its new ...

TSA Patdown Outrage
8 years ago

While the Transportation Security Administration continues to defend the use of its new controversial screening procedures, Don Teague reports the stories of ...

TOP STORIES: Coast Guard Seizes Drugs worth $62M; TSA Travel Tips - What Not to Take to Airport
5 days ago

FOX News Now host Pilar Arias shares three top stories regarding the Coast Guard seizure of drugs valued at $62 million dollars, a Camp Pendleton Marine ...

TSA Battery Restrictions - Flying with Lithium Ion
11 months ago

Flying with lithium-ion batteries can be a pain. Know the TSA regulations and restrictions on batteries before you fly. Enter the GIVEAWAY: ...

TSA Security Lines: Changes Coming at the Airport
2 years ago

Soon travelers will have to pull out more than just laptops from carry-on bags at airport security lines. Food and books may also end up in separate bins, per a ...

Is TSA Precheck a Better Way to Go Through Security?
5 years ago

The TSA is in a huge push to get more people to sign up for Precheck, but there have been questions and customer confusion. Scott McCartney explains on ...

This Is What Airport Security was Like Before the TSA (HBO)
2 years ago

The Transportation Security Administration turns 15 years old this weekend — it was founded two months after 9/11. Before the TSA, passenger screening in US ...

TSA demonstrates how to properly fly with guns
4 years ago

If you need to fly with a firearm, the TSA shows you the proper way to do it safely and legally. They also demonstrate some of the many strange items people ...

Travel Tips: TSA Packing Tips
7 years ago

Sonia Gil talks suitcase sizes, luggage scales, plastic containers and more! Don't get stuck at the security checkpoint because your bag is overflowing with ...

3 years ago

Shot 12/30/2009. The Transportation Security Administration will demonstrate two types of imaging technology currently in testing at its TSA Systems Integration ...

Breast cancer patient livid after TSA search
2 years ago

Media personality Denise Albert says she was "humiliated" and "violated" by a TSA screening at Los Angeles International Airport.

TSA How to Pack
9 months ago

TSA Austin demonstrates how to properly pack your bag.

What Are TSA Agents Looking For At The Airports?
12 months ago

What are TSA agents looking for in luggage? Here are some things you shouldn't travel with to make your airport time easier. Some things you should never ...

TSA stands behind aggressive pat-down of 13-year-old boy
2 years ago

Jennifer Williamson recorded video when TSA agents began aggressively patting-down her 13-year-old son after he left his laptop inside his backpack on the ...

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