Trump uses veto power to kill bill that would block his border wall emergency
3 days ago

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump vetoed the bipartisan legislation that rejected his declaration to get funding for a border wall. But the unpopular ...

2020 budget: Trump to ask for additional $8.6 billion in border wall funding
1 week ago

President Trump is expected to request billions of dollars in new border wall funding when he delivers his 2020 budget proposal to Congress Monday. He wants ...

Trump's Wall: Life on the US-Mexico Border
1 month ago

Even though it caused a 35 day government shutdown, President Trump is press on with plans to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Supporters of the ...

GOP Senators Join Democrats To Block Trump's Border Wall National Emergency | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
5 days ago

Multiple Senate Republicans crossed party lines to deal a defeat to Pres. Trump on his national emergency at the border. Tal Kopan and Melanie Zanona join to ...

Where Does Trump’s Border Wall Stand Today? | NYT News
11 months ago

After more than a year in office, President Trump has been unable to deliver on his promise of a wall on the border with Mexico. More from The New York Times ...

Internet trolls Trump's steel border wall idea
2 months ago

The internet pokes fun at President Donald Trump's proposal on Twitter for a border wall made of steel slats to protect the US-Mexico border. CNN's Jeanne ...

Border official shows Trump tunnels under wall
2 months ago

President Donald Trump said he is nearing a decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border, which he visited in person Thursday despite ...

CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall
2 months ago

CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.

Trump wall: President addresses nation on border 'crisis' - BBC News
2 months ago

US President Donald Trump has made his first TV address to the nation from the Oval Office, escalating a stand-off with Congress that has led to an 18-day ...

Trump Vetoes via Twitter to Get His Border Wall
4 days ago

Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, March 14. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show ...

How the Pentagon plans to fund Trump's border wall, as House tries to block it
4 weeks ago

On Friday, House Democrats took a first step toward terminating President Trump's national emergency declaration. Some 226 representatives, including a ...

Trump's full speech declaring a national emergency for border wall funding
1 month ago

President Trump on Feb. 15 declared a national emergency to allocate additional funding to build a wall at the southern border. Read more: ...

What Trump's border wall could look like
2 years ago

Jorge Perez, a billionaire real estate developer, has built structures around the world but will not build President Trump's border wall stating it is "an insult to all ...

Mexico – Fear of Trump's wall | DW Documentary
2 years ago

United States' president-elect Donald Trump said he intends to deport millions of Mexicans living in the U.S. illegally immediately after taking office. Trump has ...

Trump on wall: I don't need Congress' approval
2 months ago

President Trump says he has considered using emergency powers to build the border wall, bypassing Congress.

Donald Trump defends emergency funding for Mexico wall
1 month ago

President Trump has resorted to extreme measures - and risked a major constitutional crisis - to get a wall built along the border with Mexico. Speaking at the ...

How Trump's wall could block off this American
2 months ago

CNN's Ed Lavandera talks with residents living near the US-Mexico border about their feelings about President Trump's proposed wall. #CNN #News.

How we can build Trump's border wall
3 years ago

What would it actually take to build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico? CNN's Jason Carroll reports.

Donald Trump announces national emergency to get extra wall funding
1 month ago

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to get extra funding to build a wall along the border with Mexico. The US president made the statement in a ...

Don Lemon refutes Trump's wall claim with video
2 months ago

CNN's Don Lemon calls out President Donald Trump over comments he made about funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border as the partial government ...

Trump grilled over shutdown, border wall (entire Rose Garden Q&A)
2 months ago

President Donald Trump answered questions about the federal government shutdown and the border wall where he stated he does not need congressional ...

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