'I'm More Likely To Support Trump Today:' Voters React To Mueller Report | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
2 days ago

Following the release of the redacted Mueller report, voters in swing states across the country are either standing by President Donald Trump or expressing ...

Trump Declares ‘Game Over’ | Possible Cause For Notre Dame Blaze | TODAY Top News
2 days ago

While Democrats are seizing on the unflattering portrait Robert Mueller's report paints of President Trump's conduct, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a letter to ...

Trump expresses anger after release of Mueller report
16 hours ago

President Trump is on the defensive after the release of Robert Mueller's report. This comes as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the first 2020 ...

As Trump team targets roots of the Mueller probe, Dems zero in on Barr
9 hours ago

Democrat leadership claims Attorney General Bill Barr is in cahoots with President Trump. Rep. Matt Gaetz and Fox News contributor Sara Carter respond.

Trump lashes out from Mar-a-Lago after release of Mueller report
1 day ago

President Trump lashed out at special counsel Robert Mueller, those who cooperated with the investigation and the media. CBSN spoke with CBS News White ...

Pete Buttigieg On President Donald Trump: ‘I’m Pretty Sure He Deserves To Be Impeached’ | NBC News
1 day ago

While campaigning in New Hampshire on Friday, 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to the Mueller report, saying he's “pretty sure” President ...

Trump slams parts of Mueller report as 'total bulls**t'
1 day ago

President Donald Trump changes his tone on special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election interference one day after its release. CNN's White ...

Mueller Report: Dems Look For Options; President Donald Trump Declares ‘Back To Work’ | TODAY
2 days ago

While Democrats are seizing on the unflattering portrait Robert Mueller's report paints of President Trump's conduct, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a letter to ...

Trump on Mueller's appointment: I'm F***ed
3 days ago

An excerpt from special counsel Robert Muller's report claims that President Donald Trump said "this is the end of my presidency" upon learning of Mueller's ...

Sarah Sanders on Mueller report: Trump "never asked me to break the law"
2 days ago

Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation notes several instances where President Trump pressured his top aides to lie or mislead. White House press ...

Trump celebrates Opportunity Zone initiative at conference
4 days ago

The conference aims to coordinate the extension of economic and social resources to stimulate growth in less developed parts of the country. FOX News ...

Giuliani: Mueller report contains inaccuracies about Trump
2 days ago

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani says the Mueller report was not fairly written. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...

Analyst: Kim Jong Un talks to Trump like he's a teenager
4 days ago

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling on the US to stop "its current way of calculation" if it is interested in continuing diplomatic talks, according to a report ...

Trump gives Notre Dame fire advice. See how officials responded.
5 days ago

Former FDNY Battalion Chief John LaFemina explains why President Trump's firefighting suggestion of "flying water tankers" would not have worked in the battle ...

Anderson Cooper: The world changed today for Trump
4 months ago

CNN's Anderson Cooper explores the future for President Donald Trump and his administration now that his opposition has grown stronger in Congress. #CNN ...

Trump's full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall (Full national address)
3 months ago

President Donald Trump made his case for funding for a border wall on the US-Mexico border during a national address to the nation from the White House Oval ...

Anderson Cooper: If Trump's not worried, why is he tweeting?
4 days ago

CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses new reporting that current and former Trump administration officials are dreading the release of the Mueller report and worry ...

Trump Mocks Democrats And Their Policies In Vegas Speech | Sunday TODAY
2 weeks ago

President Donald Trump targeted Democrats and their policies in a campaign-style speech in Las Vegas on Saturday. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports for Sunday ...

Dem compares Trump's presidency to Notre Dame fire
5 days ago

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen says what Trump has done to the Constitution is as bad as what the fire did to Notre Dame; reaction and analysis on ...

President Donald Trump's Tone Changes As Report Release Day Nears | Morning Joe | MSNBC
6 days ago

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report is expected to be released this week, and it seems as if the president has growing anxiety about the release.

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