Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show
3 years ago

After Donald Trump proposes an ideology test for potential Muslim immigrants, Jordan Klepper quizzes the presidential hopeful's supporters. Watch full episodes ...

Ilhan Omar supporters protest outside Trump event
3 days ago

A feud between President Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar sparked dueling protests in Minnesota. The conflict started after Mr. Trump tweeted a video of Omar, ...

Trump voters explain their unshakable faith
3 years ago

What motivates the Republican presidential candidate's most loyal supporters? Seen as a loose cannon by many, Donald Trump has positioned himself as the ...

Mueller Report: Are Trump supporters now happy?
9 hours ago

Former state Representative LaDawn Jones and Ted Harvey of the Committee to Defend the President join Scottie Nell Hughes to offer their reactions to the ...

Meet Donald Trump's Supporters
2 years ago

Donald Trump sees the FBI announcement as justification for his repeated jibes about "crooked Hillary" and the tone of his recent campaigning has become, ...

Donald Trump's female supporters who defend him - BBC News
3 years ago

Some of Donald Trump's female supporters have defended the presidential candidate following accusations of sexual impropriety made against him by several ...

Trump supporters grade his presidency (full)
2 years ago

CNN's Alisyn Camerota talks with supporters of President Trump and asks them to assign a grade to his presidency so far.

Trump voter: The wall shouldn't be on our backs
3 months ago

CNN's Scott McLean reports from Ogden, Utah, where the shutdown is taking a toll across the entire city caught in a partisan battle being waged in Washington.

Haberman: Former Trump supporters 'disgusted'
4 months ago

CNN's Maggie Haberman says many former Trump supporters are "disgusted" by details that emerged from Michael Cohen's plea deal. #CNN #News.

Trump voters react to President's summit with Putin
9 months ago

CNN's Kyung Lah speaks with residents in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, where Trump won in 2016 by a slim margin of 255 votes, to see what his supporters ...

Cheerful Trump Greets Supporters Upon Florida Arrival
9 hours ago

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday, April 18, greeted supporters upon landing with first lady Melania Trump at West Palm Beach airport in Florida ahead ...

Donald Trump: 50 supporters explain why they love him - BBC News
3 years ago

What motivates Trump supporters? The BBC has been asking them for a year now. Here's what they told us. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Islamic ...

Trump voter: The President is a monster
8 months ago

CNN brought a group of Trump voters together to discuss their views on family separations and the president's perceived views on race.

Trump supporters vindicated over 'witch hunt' after Mueller
3 weeks ago

Sky's US correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter visits Trump voters in West Virginia, who are still backing the President after the Mueller summary findings.

Voters For Trump Ad - SNL
3 years ago

Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they'll be voting for Donald Trump.

Meet some of Donald Trump's Latino supporters
3 years ago

"I'm proud to be Hispanic and I'm 100 percent behind Donald Trump," says a former police chief in Texas - and he's not alone. CBSN explores why Trump ...

Trump supporters' claim stuns CNN anchor
2 years ago

Donald Trump supporters made several debunked claims about election fraud in a post-election interview with CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. Read more on ...

Trump supporters in Michigan confident their votes will pay off
2 years ago

President Trump wasn't expected to win in Michigan, but his supporters there aren't surprised that he took the state back in November. Now two months into the ...

Is the liberal media openly hostile to Trump voters?
3 months ago

Hoover Institute's Victor Davis Hanson examines the growing contempt for Trump supporters on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News ...

Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds | The New York Times
3 years ago

New York Times reporters have covered Donald J. Trump's rallies for more than a year. His supporters at these events often express their views in angry and ...

Trump voter: I'm afraid of dictator in White House
6 months ago

Independent voter Anthony Miles expresses regret for voting for President Trump in 2016, saying Trump doesn't have "empathy for anything." #CNN #News.

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