Democrat reads letter on House floor insulting Trump supporters, clashes with Republican
3 days ago

Democratic Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge read a letter from one of her constituents on the floor of the House of Representatives that insulted supporters of President ...

Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show
3 years ago

After Donald Trump proposes an ideology test for potential Muslim immigrants, Jordan Klepper quizzes the presidential hopeful's supporters. Watch full episodes ...

Trump voters explain their unshakable faith
3 years ago

What motivates the Republican presidential candidate's most loyal supporters? Seen as a loose cannon by many, Donald Trump has positioned himself as the ...

Trump supporters' claim stuns CNN anchor
3 years ago

Donald Trump supporters made several debunked claims about election fraud in a post-election interview with CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. Read more on ...

British police break up heated argument between Trump supporters and critic
2 weeks ago

British police had to intervene when an argument between U.S. President Donald Trump supporters and a critic turned heads outside Buckingham Palace on ...

Trump supporter verbally attacks CNN reporter
3 years ago

CNN's Randi Kaye speaks to Donald Trump supporters gathered at the airport in Melbourne, Florida.

Meet Donald Trump's Supporters
3 years ago

Donald Trump sees the FBI announcement as justification for his repeated jibes about "crooked Hillary" and the tone of his recent campaigning has become, ...

Protesters target Trump supporters in California
3 years ago

The already bitter fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has reached a whole new level. Protesters attacked Trump supporters Thursday after the ...

What Trump supporters think one year later
1 year ago

Trump supporters speak with CNN's Martin Savidge about their thoughts on the President's progress and performance a year into office.

Haberman: Former Trump supporters 'disgusted'
6 months ago

CNN's Maggie Haberman says many former Trump supporters are "disgusted" by details that emerged from Michael Cohen's plea deal. #CNN #News.

Donald Trump Supporter 'Milkshaked' As Fights Break Out At Anti-Trump Protests- LBC
2 weeks ago

A supporter of President Trump gets hit in the face by a milkshake as fights break out at anti-Trump protests in central London. In a video filmed by a LBC ...

Trump supporters grade his presidency (full)
2 years ago

CNN's Alisyn Camerota talks with supporters of President Trump and asks them to assign a grade to his presidency so far.

Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless
3 years ago

Asked what she thought of his controversial 2005 remarks, Donald Trump supporter Vicki Sciolaro told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that he's not "running for pope" ...

Dave Chappelle To Trump Supporters: He’s Fighting For Me, Not You | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
1 year ago

Ari Melber looks at the year in late night comedy and Dave Chappelle reveals a sad scene at SNL on election night. » Subscribe to MSNBC: ...

Were Donald Trump Supporters Being Hunted Down Like Prey By Protesters?
3 years ago

Donald Trump spoke in San Jose, California on Thursday night at a rally. But after his speech ended, supporters were greeted by a mob of protestors outside the ...

Can Donald Trump Supporters Tell His Quotes Apart from Hitler's?
3 years ago

In a cringe-worthy social experiment, a prankster read Donald Trump fans what they thought were quotes of his. In actuality, they were being ready lines ...

Trump voters say he better not do this
10 months ago

CNN's Jason Carroll speaks to Trump supporters on their stance about any possible pardons that President Trump could issue.

Trump supporters in Michigan confident their votes will pay off
2 years ago

President Trump wasn't expected to win in Michigan, but his supporters there aren't surprised that he took the state back in November. Now two months into the ...

Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Clinton and Trump Supporters Find Common Ground: The Daily Show
3 years ago

In the midst of the divisive 2016 election, Jordan Klepper challenges Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters to say something nice about the opposing ...

How do Pennsylvania voters feel about Trump for 2020?
2 months ago

The economy grew faster than expected, putting GDP up 3.2% in the first quarter. CNN's Miguel Marquez went to Erie, Pennsylvania, to see how much a good ...

Trump voters react to President's summit with Putin
11 months ago

CNN's Kyung Lah speaks with residents in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, where Trump won in 2016 by a slim margin of 255 votes, to see what his supporters ...

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