President Trump discusses trade with business executives in Japan
16 hours ago

Trump is the first world leader to be invited to meet with Japan's newly enthroned emperor; John Roberts reports from Tokyo. FOX News operates the FOX News ...

SE Cupp explains Trump's 'perfect' exit ramp out of office
13 hours ago

CNN's SE Cupp says President Donald Trump enjoys the fun parts of being President but hates doing the hard work. #CNN #News.

Judge Blocks Trump From Using Emergency Funds For Border Wall | MSNBC
15 hours ago

The fight over immigration heats up after a federal judge takes a hammer to the president's border wall plan, blocking its construction. MSNBC's David Gura ...

Graham on Trump's presidency, declassification of 2016 election intel
11 hours ago

The Senate Republican opens up on his relationship with President Trump and more in his first interview on 'Watters' World.' FOX News operates the FOX News ...

An Obama-appointed judge temporarily stops the construction of Trump's wall
18 hours ago

U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam rules to block the border wall. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX ...

Trump reaches deal with two House Committees to hold any subpoenas into his financial records
13 hours ago

President Trump and two House Committees reached a deal Saturday to delay congressional subpoenas requesting Mr. Trump's financial records from ...

Trump pushes out Director of US Citizenship and Immigration
13 hours ago

Former acting head of ICE Tom Homan reacts to the border crisis and President Trump's decision to kick out the head of US Citizenship and Immigration, Francis ...

Ex-GOP congressman: It's time to impeach Trump
22 hours ago

Former GOP Rep. Tom Coleman says he believes President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses and calls Trump an "illegitimate president.

A federal judge is halting part of Trump's construction of the border wall
12 hours ago

This comes as several states and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the administration after they declared a national emergency on the border four months ...

Why President Donald Trump Is (Falsely) Accusing People Of ‘Treason’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
1 day ago

Presidential historian Jon Meacham tells Ali Velshi that Donald Trump's use of the word treason is not a "slip of the tongue" and that the president is trying to ...

Smerconish: Trump has no strategy other than be provocative
21 hours ago

CNN's Michael Smerconish examines the growing divide between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #CNN #News.

Trump deplanes Air Force One to greet troops in Alaska
1 day ago

Trump arrives in Anchorage, Alaska for Air Force One to re-fuel before pressing on for his trip to Japan. Trump greets U.S. troops at Joint Base ...

Anderson Cooper: This could be Trump's 2020 strategy
1 day ago

CNN's Anderson Cooper lays out the back-and-forth insults of the week between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #CNN #News.

Trump to declare emergency to bypass Congress in Saudi arms deal: Report
2 days ago

Trump administration to invoke provision of Armed Export Control Act to move forward with arms deals worth some $8 billion; Rich Edson reports from the State ...

Trump arrives in Japan to meet with PM Abe and Japan's new emperor  l ABC NEWS
21 hours ago

The president will have a weekend full of ceremonies and pageantry, and will be the first leader to greet Emperor Naruhito. #japan #trump.

President Donald Trump Fails To Flip The Table On Nancy Pelosi | Deadline | MSNBC
2 days ago

NBC's Heidi Przybyla, AP's Jonathan Lemire, WBUR's Kimberly Atkins, former federal prosecutor Paul Butler, and former Assistant Director of the FBI Frank ...

WATCH: Trump tweeted a misleading video of Nancy Pelosi. Here’s the real thing
2 days ago

President Donald Trump used Twitter on Thursday to spread an edited video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the latest development in an ongoing fight ...

Trump Tries To Steer Billion Dollar Contract To GOP Donor & Fox News Guest | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
2 days ago

The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump is trying to steer billions of dollars of his border wall construction to a North Dakota based firm, run by a ...

President Donald Trump Continues Nancy Pelosi Attacks: She ‘Is Not Helping This Country’ | MSNBC
2 days ago

Before departing the White House, President Trump tells reporters that Democrats “want to try and get a do-over of the Mueller report. it doesn't work that way.

Trump allies share fake video of Nancy Pelosi stammering her words
2 days ago

A distorted video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), altered to make her sound as if she's slurring her words, is spreading rapidly across social media.

Trump: There is no redo for Mueller report
2 days ago

President Donald Trump talks to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House as he prepares for his trip to Tokyo. #CNN #News.

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