Vape shop worker LOSES IT and refuses to serve Trump supporter!
6 months ago

Trump supporter Ian Furgeson, 36, filmed himself getting kicked out of a vape shop in Georgia where the employee launched a hysterical and expletive rant ...

Exposed: Media freakout over Trump transparency
1 month ago

The president says he has declassified everything Democrats wanted; panel reaction and analysis on 'The Ingraham Angle.' #Ingraham #FoxNews FOX News ...

Trump supporter verbally attacks CNN reporter
3 years ago

CNN's Randi Kaye speaks to Donald Trump supporters gathered at the airport in Melbourne, Florida.

Woman lets out agonizing screams as Trump is sworn in
2 years ago

One woman yells "NO" the moment Donald Trump was declared 45th President of the United States of America. Report by Charlotte Brehaut.

Nothing New On North Korea Except Donald Trump's Freak-Out | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
2 years ago

Joe Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about the pace of North Korea's nuclear development and the lack of anything ...

Trump Hat Freakout
3 months ago

Subscribe to our channel! A woman is San Diego, California assaulted a Mexican Trump supporter for wearing a Trump hat. Or visit our ...

Trump's Inauguration FREAKOUTS vs. Obama's | Louder With Crowder
2 years ago

We compare Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's 2008 'I Pledge' Obama inauguration video with a slightly more aggressive montage for Trump. #Unity.

Trump's Public FREAK OUT On Chuck Schumer
6 months ago

JOIN THE HOME OF PROGRESSIVES: Trump bickered like a child in a meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep.

Public Freakout Compilation #7
2 years ago

Friends Without Benefits: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Public freakout ...

Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' hat causes stir at MRU
3 years ago

Concern over "safe spaces" at a Mount Royal University in Calgary boiled over into a confrontation this week between two students, one of whom was wearing a ...

Protests break out after Donald Trump wins
3 years ago

People across the country took to the streets to protest Donald Trump's win on Election Night.

Top 'media freak-outs' from Trump's first year
1 year ago

Bre Payton of the Federalist shares some memorable moments.

Ingraham: Liberals freak out as Trump reaches out
8 months ago

Kanye West exposed the intolerance of the left. Their denunciations of his White House appearance were immediate and withering.

Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look
5 months ago

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about the Democrats running for president. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get ...

LIBERALS Freak Out over TRUMP winning the election. Part 1 (Documentation of the Fall out)
3 years ago

SUBSCRIBE .... Thanks so much if you do. Watch as Liberals head literally explode as they ...

Trump Voters FREAK OUT After Realizing They Aren’t Getting Tax Cuts
5 months ago

Trump voters have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over the fact that they aren't getting those lofty tax cuts that the Republicans promised them. When the ...

2 years ago


Relive the Trump's stunning win in under 2 minutes
3 years ago

Moments from CNN's coverage of a historic night on CNN when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.

Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless
3 years ago

Asked what she thought of his controversial 2005 remarks, Donald Trump supporter Vicki Sciolaro told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that he's not "running for pope" ...

A Man Is Verbally Assaulted For MAGA Hat In Starbucks
8 months ago

Subscribe to our channel! A man is verbally assaulted in Starbucks for wearing a MAGA hat. This has been a growing trend with people ...

Top 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns!
2 years ago

After President Trump's inauguration and #WomensMarch, we review the best meltdowns that pumpkin pie hair-cutted feminist freaks have to offer. Enjoy.

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