WATCH: Trump threatens shutdown in heated meeting with top Democrats
3 months ago

President Donald Trump escalated his shutdown threat over U.S.-Mexico border wall funding at a heated White House meeting with two top Democratic leaders.

Was Democrats' obsession over Trump and Russia worth it for their party?
2 days ago

Is reality sinking in for the Democrats? The Intercept co-founding editor Glenn Greenwald weighs in.

WATCH: Trump says Democrats have become 'an anti-Jewish party'
2 weeks ago

President Donald Trump told reporters that the Democrats' vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism was “disgraceful because the Democrats have ...

President Trump: Democrats have become an anti-Jewish party
2 weeks ago

President Trump labels Democrats an 'anti-Israel' and 'anti-Jewish' party the after the House passes a 'disgraceful' anti-hate resolution in response to comments ...

Trump, Democrats clash over border wall in tense Oval Office meeting
3 months ago

Donald Trump met with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in a tense Oval Office meeting where the two sides sparred over a proposed ...

Democrats kept throwing shade at Trump during the State of the Union
1 month ago

From blank stares to small talk to texting, congressional Democrats pulled out all the stops to avoid listening to President Trump's 2019 State of the Union ...

Bash: Democrats feel like they baited Trump into owning shutdown
3 months ago

CNN's Dana Bash discusses President Donald Trump's Oval Office meeting with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Charles Schumer ...

Watch President Trump's Full Immigration Address And Response From Democrats | NBC News
2 months ago

Watch live coverage as President Trump addresses the nation on immigration issues facing the country and the ongoing government shutdown. Speaker of the ...

Report: President Donald Trump Tells Donors 'The Democrats Hate Jewish People' | Kasie DC | MSNBC
1 week ago

Jonathan Swan of Axios reports President Trump told RNC backers behind closed doors at Mar-a-Lago that 'the Democrats hate Jewish people,' and disputed ...

Trump: Democrats don't give a damn about crime
2 months ago

Talking to reporters as he departs the White House, President Donald Trump says that "Democrats don't care about crime" and that he is willing to declare a ...

Trump lashes out at Democrats as they step up investigations
1 month ago

House Democrats have announced new investigations into President Trump, and President Trump is lashing out on Twitter calling it "presidential harassment.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer respond to Trump's speech
2 months ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) respond to President Donald Trump's national address about ...

Trump extends offer to Democrats for wall funding
2 months ago

President Trump offers extended temporary protections for DACA recipients and individuals with Temporary Protection status in exchange for $5.7 billion in ...

Trump doubles down on calling Democrats an "angry, left-wing mob"
5 months ago

President Trump was in Ohio Friday night to rally supporters, and once again attacked Democrats as a "left-wing mob." Michael Graham, CBSN political ...

WATCH: Democrats say Trump walked out of shutdown negotiations
2 months ago

After a meeting with congressional leaders and President Donald Trump over the shutdown, top Democrats told reporters outside the White House that the ...

Trump and Democratic leaders bicker publicly in Oval Office
3 months ago

President Trump invited the two top Democrats in Congress to the Oval Office and told them he would shut down the government if he doesn't get funding for his ...

WATCH: After Democrats win back control of House, Trump says both parties should work together
4 months ago

In his first speech since Tuesday's midterm elections, President Donald Trump mentioned Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's call for ...

House Democrats Launch Sweeping New President Donald Trump Investigation | NBC Nightly News
2 weeks ago

Democrats have issued a request for documents from more than 81 people and groups associated with the president, including Donald Trump Jr., Jared ...

Trump walks out of border security meeting with Democrats
2 months ago

FBN's Blake Burman discusses how President Trump walked out of a meeting with Democrats about border security.

Meet the Switchers: Why 6,171 Democrats voted for Trump
3 years ago

To understand Ohio's party switchers, you have to understand where they're from. Vanessa Yurkevich talks to four lifelong Democrats who broke party ties.

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