Suspect Pulls Gun on Officers After Fleeing From Traffic Stop
4 months ago

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Milwaukee police have released bodycam video from an August 13, 2018 officer inolved shooting. Police Chief Alfonso Morales says ...

Unhappy With Traffic Stop, Woman Loses It
5 months ago

Your daily dose of someone yelling about their rights... while not quite knowing how those things work. As always, I am curious to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

Punta Gorda traffic stop then Deputy harasses me, your a human being?
4 days ago

Deputy from punta gorda doesnt like it when I film him in Public.

Dashcam Footage Of Traffic Stop With Teenager Turns Physical
2 years ago

Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) ** The Lampasas County Sheriff's Office released new dash cam video ...

Traffic Stop, Harassment Backfires on PCSO Deputy
8 months ago

After a long day at work, I was pulled over by the corrupt trash of the PCSO. I WAS IN NO MOOD!

Police Traffic Stop Turned Into Shootout
3 months ago

Amazing Christmas Gifts on Sale NOW! BUY ME ONE? This video contains unedited police interactions that is shown for documentary ...

How To Survive A Traffic Stop "I Don't Answer Questions"
7 years ago

ABOUT THE TRIAL: Youtube will not give me enough space to tell the whole story so I'll give you the abbreviated one. I plead "not guilty" and defended myself at ...

Traffic Stops - #CogLive Compilation
8 months ago

In this compilation: Get On The Ground, Sign The Ticket, "Black Police" & Don't Reach. If you like what you see, please Subscribe! (: ⚙Support My Work⚙ Stream ...

LA County Sheriffs Escalates Traffic Stop
6 days ago

From bigjeff77 Published on Feb 24, 2019: This happened Saturday February 23rd 2019 around 9:30pm This is disgusting the type of deputy's we employed ...

BPD Oversight Chair Refuses To Comply On Traffic Stop
10 months ago

Baltimore, MD — Bodycam video showed Civilian Oversight Task Force Chair Marvin McKenstry refused at least 60 requests to provide his driver's license to ...

Las Vegas Police Officers Fatally Shoot Armed Driver At Traffic Stop
11 months ago

Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Las Vegas Metro police released body cam video of the officer ...

Suspect Pulls Gun on Deputies During Traffic Stop
5 months ago

Volusia County, FL — A man who grabbed a loaded gun during a traffic stop told a deputy that he was "just trying to get away," body camera video provided by ...

4 months ago

Texas Transportation Code §721.004 requires municipal owned vehicles to have the name of municipality, and the title of the department or office it belongs to in ...

chicago undercover cops (plain clothes officers) on a traffic stop
9 months ago

He asked me for My insurance as soon as he saw the cameras he said the plates didn't come back to this car...I ask for what reason did he run my plates his ...

Traffic Stop Turns Fatal
10 years ago

An L.A. traffic stop turned fatal last week. An officer struggled with a man believed to be hiding drugs in his fist. The man put something in his mouth, had trouble ...

Body Cam: Driver Takes Off from Traffic Stop and Crash. Tulsa Police
2 days ago

policebodycam #policechase #officerbodycam Tulsa Police Department wrote: "We stopped Mr. Douglas Gay for a burned out headlight. After a brief ...

Boone County sheriff posts dash cam footage of contested traffic stop
2 years ago

Sheriff Dwayne Carey wrote a response to Columbia Tribune columnist Bill Clark regarding the events of June 30th, 2017. Clark claimed that he felt his life was ...

Traffic Stop - Officer Complaint 1-19-2017
2 years ago

More information and feedback. All details at Facebook Posting: ...

The CORRECT Way to Handle a Traffic Stop
9 years ago

MORE INFO ON DEALING WITH POLICE ...... Know-Your-Rights DVDs: Got questions about dealing with cops? We got answers: ...

Traffic stop Encounter with Modesto, CA Police
1 year ago

CHECK OUT MY LATEST REPORT : Freedom Fighters, I hope everyone is safe and having a good productive ...

Cop 'Engaged' In Traffic Stop Leads To Life Sentence
3 years ago

Traffic stop results in epic proposal! Love story! Prank to marriage proposal! Click here for story on local news: ...

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