1987 Tomos Golden Bullett TTLX: Regular Car Reviews
2 years ago

We ride a Tomos Golden Bullett, a 2-stoke Slovenian moped popular in the USA in the 1970's and 1980's. Merch: Hats: ...

2018 Tomos Sprint Moped Review and Ride
2 months ago

In this video I give a basic walk around my new Tomos Sprint moped and take you for a short ride.

Order Now! 2019 TOMOS!
3 months ago

In this episode we take a look at what's been going on around the shop lately - including the assembly of the very first 2019 custom TOMOS order! If you want ...

Tomos A35 -TEST - REVIEW (MAX SPEED) - English subtitles
2 years ago

Iii evo ga samo za vas jos jedan Automatic novije generacije. Podrzite rad kanala udarcem na Like, Sub i Share ...Uskoro Stari Automatic vs Novi Automatic ...

Zach and Adam's Epic Tomos Adventure
2 years ago

Who's crazy enough to ride across America on a moped? Zach and Adam from Pike's Powder Coating - that's who! Watch these determined souls embark on ...

MI COLECCIÓN DE MANGA Y ANIME 2019 📚❤️ (+700 tomos)
4 months ago

Por fin ha llegado el día: os enseño todas mis estanterías!! En este vídeo muestro toda mi colección de mangas y animes, espero que os guste :D ...

Tomos mopeds are back in America
2 years ago

https://www.facebook.com/tomahawk.mopeds/ https://www.instagram.com/tomahawkmopeds/

Upgraded 70cc 2011 Tomos Streetmate R Moped
3 years ago

In this video I'm showing off my upgraded 70cc 2011 Tomos Streetmate R moped / bike, along with some helmet GoPro footage of myself riding the bike.

tomos youngster update
3 years ago

deze video bevat een dubbele toeter!!!!!!!!!! puch maxi/zundapp uitlaat een volle tank BRAAAAAAAPPPP!

Tomos Bicycle
8 years ago

Tomos Bicycle You can ride. You can Cycling. Camera : Canon 60D Lens : Nikor 35/f1.4.

Bangin' Out the TOMOS Customs (and the Motobecane Blues)
3 months ago

If you wanna buy stuff, just click here: https://www.2ndstrokemopeds.com - In this episode we ship off the first 2019 TOMOS of the year, build a top-tank style ...

Exotic TOMOS Test Rides
3 months ago

If you're interested in any of the bikes you see here, visit this link: http://www.2ndstrokemopeds.com/parts-store - In this episode we take advantage of the nice ...

5.  Drag race Tomos
4 years ago

Že peti drag race Tomos je za nami in tukaj je video reportaža z dogajanja. Veliko užitkov ob ogledu! The song in the video is NOT my property , and I do NOT ...

DFHS Tomos Restoration Ep. 5 - A35 Engine Rebuild/ 70cc Kit Install
1 year ago

Tomos A35 Engine Rebuild and 70cc Kit Install Tomos A35 Seals (4) ...

2 years ago

Bedankt voor het kijken naar deze video! *vergeet niet dat blauwe duimpje omhoog te doen! -Klik hier om te abonneren: ...

How to change transmission fluid - the TOMOS way!
11 months ago

We take you through the steps of how to change the transmission fluid of your brand new TOMOS Sprint - enjoy!

HOE WERKT EEN TOMOS? Hoe start je een Tomos? How to Tomos?
2 years ago

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beuners/ In deze video leggen wij uit hoe een Tomos werkt. Mocht je iets niet weten? Laat het dan in de reacties weten!

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