Crossing The Border Into Mexico - What's It Like In Tijuana ? Donkey Zebras & Lucha Libre Wrestling
3 months ago

A visit across the US border into Mexico and spending the day in Tijuana . Walked down and around Revolution Avenue , ate some tacos , met a Zebra Donkey ...

Tijuana Mexico Travel Guide: Everything you need to know.
4 months ago

Tijuana Mexico Travel Guide: Everything you need to know. Tijuana is an awesome city and Ive loved every minute here. SO here is your ultimate travel guide to ...

clubs and bars of Tijuana
4 months ago

Walking in Tijuana downtown area by the clubs near the bars a lot of dancing. Tijuana Live.

Zona Norte the Red Light District of Tijuana Mexico Hookers Prostitutes Streetwalkers
4 days ago

Live stream from Zona Norte, the red light district of Tijuana, Mexico. Whatever you want to call them - hookers, prostitutes, streetwalkers or ladies of the night, ...

Life In Zona Norte - Tijuana Mexico
2 years ago

'A Day In Zona Norte'. A short documentary. Life of a taco vendor and shoe shine boy among prostitutes and drug dealers in Tijuana. - Featured at Cannes Film ...

Resumen | Tijuana 1 - 2 Lobos BUAP | Liga MX - Clausura 2019  - Jornada 15 | Xolos
1 day ago

Estos son los ecos de nuestro duelo vs Lobos BUAP #JauríaXSiempre.

A Week in Tijuana Homicide | San Diego Union-Tribune
2 years ago

There have been more than 1025 homicide victims in Tijuana, Baja California so far this year. The sum surpasses last year's total of 910, which had set a record ...

Jóvenes católicos toman las calles de Tijuana
8 hours ago

Integrantes de la Pascua Juvenil marcharon para mostrar su comprimiso con los valores católicos en Semana Santa.

¿Cómo va la elección en Baja California y Tijuana Abril 2019?
2 days ago

Conoce cómo van las preferencias político electorales para la nueva elección de la Gobernatura de Baja California y Alcaldía en Tijuana. Toda la información ...

T.V will NEVER Show You THIS part of Tijuana 2018 ,NEVER !!!
7 months ago

Tijuana , cuba , colombia ,Mexico ,All videosT are available on my Channel ,Hello , welcome to my Youtube channel , i hope you have enjoyed this video,THEY ...

tijuana por la coahuila
1 year ago

caminando por la primera y la coahuila.

3 weeks ago

Walk around tijuana red light district Subscribe thank you tijuana, red light district, street hookers, tijuana live, tijuana mexico, zona norte, tijuana clubs, tijuana ...

LAS PARADITAS de tijuana coahuila NUEVO VIDEO 3
9 months ago

we went to visit one more time our ladys in tijuana la coahulia thanks to all the subscribers do not forget to give us a LIKE and please SHARE if we get more ...

Tijuana's Youth Are Responding To The US-Mexico Border crisis
2 months ago

On February 15, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to bypass Congress and free up billions for a border wall between the US and ...

Rompiendo Mitos de TIJUANA! | Alex Tienda ✈️
2 years ago

SÍGUEME EN: ☆ Twitter:...............

1 month ago

Cómo es vivir en #Tijuana actualmente? ¿Es una ciudad mala? ¿Peligrosa? Este video te mostramos que NO es cierto, te mostramos la verdad de la ciudad.

La Coahuila zona del placer
4 months ago Síganme en Facebook dejen su lile Es un gusto saludarlos desde esta ...

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