Five things to know before you FaceApp your face
12 hours ago

The Post's Geoffrey Fowler has five questions you ought to ask about any app or service, including FaceApp, that wants something as personal as your face.

Watch the House floor live
2 days ago

Lawmakers debate on House floor regarding President Trump's tweets on minority congresswomen. Read more: Subscribe to The ...

'Unpresidented': Fake edition of Washington Post claims Trump resigned
6 months ago

Activists distributed hundreds of fake "special editions" of The Washington Post on Jan. 16. Here's who was behind the hoax. Read more: ...

Romney on Trump's tweets targeting minority congresswomen: 'The President failed'
3 days ago

Republican Senators responded on July 15 to President Trump's tweets targeting minority, liberal congresswomen. Read more:

How Republicans defended Trump’s racist tweets
20 hours ago

In the days after President Trump's tweets targeting minority congresswomen, many congressional Republicans defended the remarks or pointed the finger at ...

Opinion | Trump's racist tweets will not age well
2 days ago

President Trump's tweets telling minority congresswomen to “go back” to their countries follows a long history of racist nativism. Voters will decide if this is an ...

Watch live: Trump holds a Cabinet meeting amid tweet controversy
2 days ago

President Trump participates in a Cabinet meeting at the White House. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: ...

Fireworks, celebrations and Trump: DC celebrates the Fourth of July
2 weeks ago

Thousands traveled to the Mall on July 4 for Independence Day and President Trump's “Salute to America” event. Read more:

Pelosi calls Trump resolution ‘benign’
21 hours ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on July 17 defended a resolution condemning President Trump's tweets, saying, “We weren't saying that he was racist, ...

Washington Post Super Bowl message: Democracy Dies in Darkness
5 months ago

Because knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free. For more than 140 years The Washington Post has been a key part of ...

Watch live: Acting homeland security secretary grilled on child separation policy, detention centers
1 hour ago

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan testifies before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on the "Trump Administration's Child ...

Watch live: Pelosi speaks to reporters after House condemns Trump’s racist remarks
21 hours ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks to reporters after a divided House voted Tuesday to condemn President Trump's racist remarks telling four ...

Watch live: Trump comments on tweets about progressive Democrats at 'Made in America' showcase
3 days ago

President Trump hosts a "Made in America" product showcase on the South Lawn of the White House. Read more: Subscribe to The ...

How each member of the Democratic 'Squad' responded to Trump
2 days ago

Four Democratic congresswomen of color, known as the "Squad," responded July 15 to President Trump's tweets saying they should "go back" to the countries ...

Fourth of July fireworks from the Nation’s Capitol
2 weeks ago

Watch the annual fireworks display and concert celebrating American independence from Washington, D.C. Read more: Subscribe to ...

Watch President Trump's full State of the Union address and the Democratic response
5 months ago

Host Libby Casey and Washington Post reporters provided live coverage and analysis from Capitol Hill of President Trump's 2019 State of the Union address ...

If Trump's White House was the movie 'Mean Girls' | The Washington Post Comedy + Satire
2 years ago

It's like the movie "Mean Girls," except it's at the White House. Stop trying to make Pickle happen, Sarah. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: ...

The Fact Checker Season 2 | The Washington Post
4 months ago

In a busy, 24-hour news cycle, it's hard to spot the truth behind the rhetoric. We're doing it for you. Coming soon: Season 2 of The Fact Checker, hosted by Meg ...

Watch live: House GOP leaders react to Trump's tweets about progressive Democratic lawmakers
2 days ago

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other GOP leaders responded to clash between Trump and Democrats' 'the Squad.' Read more: ...

How a 1924 law could give Trump's tax returns to Democrats
2 months ago

In May, the Treasury Department refused a statutory and subpoena request for President Trump's tax returns. Now, it's unclear whether Democrats will get them.

Real Journalism Matters | The Washington Post
1 year ago

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