VaalDam VaalRiver
1 year ago

This shows the Vaal dam wall and river just below the dam wall Pretty scenery and a whole different perspective of the dam and downriver Sure I will be ...

Aerial Video of The Vaal River 4K Must See! (My Beautiful South Africa)
3 years ago

Decided to take the drone up to the boarder of GP and FS to do an event shoot. What amazing beauty! This was especially awesome because of the famous joke ...

Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal - Official Trailer
5 years ago

Take a look at this official trailer for the Sacrifice of the Vaal update to Path of Exile, coming out on March 5. Follow Path of Exile at!

ZIGGYD Plays PoE: BETRAYAL - How the Vaal Empire Fell, Explained - #22 Endgame!
5 months ago

ZiggyD Plays Path of Exile Betrayal Part 22! In this episode we learn how the Vaal Empire fell and why they exist only as remnants today, We craft some ES gear ...

The State of the Vaal
9 months ago

A group of kayakers who frequent the Vaal River in Parys decided that due to a slightly lower E-coli count we could safely descend the river. We had a lovely ...

Bass fishing at the vaal river south africa 2018
7 months ago

cold and long ride on the vaal river but a fun day out. ...follow me on... instagram - facebook ...

The Vaal river contaminated by raw sewerage
6 months ago

Its is sad how basic utilities like water, electricity and sewerage are being mishandled so badly by affirmative action staff managing critical areas of social well ...

Vaal Omnitec first fight
12 months ago

First fight with the Vaal Omnitech high atop the temple of Atzoatl! LOOK AT THE AMAZING DROP!!!!!! ok that's crap....never mind.... What have your drops been ...

Tornado Aftermath At The Vaal Dam
1 year ago

This video was shot on the 12th of December, the day after the tornado ripped apart the Vaal marina area. Solitude by Muciojad ...

The town of Vereeniging in the Vaal is on lockdown tonight
2 months ago

The town of Vereeniging in the Vaal is on lockdown tonight. More than 50 people have been arrested, after running battles between taxi operators and police ...

The Vaal Dam 2 - 2016 Drought
3 years ago

Follow up visit to the Vaal Dam after our initial visit and video 11 September 2016. Current water level at 26.6%. Dropped by about a meter in 7 weeks. Loosing ...

[Path of Exile] Act 7: The Vaal City | Layout Guides
3 months ago

Check description below for TLDW and more ▽ Playlist for the series ▷ Welcome to another episode of the Layout Guide Series!

Path of Exile: Atziri Guide
2 years ago

Store: Discord: Twitch: Patreon: ...

Vaal Dam 4 (at 100%) in 4K
2 years ago

The Vaal Dam reached 100% capacity on 27/2/2017 at around 09h00. This video shows the dam at capacity and compare clips from previous videos in the ...

Vaal's most Xclusive Cressida
3 months ago

We took a trip to Sebokeng to meet up with the Vaal Cressida King, Ignitius "Maps" Mooi. He may be a young guy but he is carrying on his family legacy with the ...

The level of the Vaal Dam has fallen below 70%
1 month ago

The level of the Vaal Dam has fallen below 70 percent. This has led to level one water restrictions in parts of Gauteng. Officials are urging people to use water ...

1 week ago

Hey Guys and welcome to a new Video! Special THANKS to Emir! Livestream: It was a TON of work and I would greatly ...

When the Vaal Orb feels right
11 months ago

GPU: GeForce GTX 970M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.94 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, ...

Flash floods wreaked havoc in the Vaal
5 months ago

It was a soaking wet New Year's day in many parts of Gauteng. Flash floods in the Vaal wreaked havoc, damaging homes and roads. Persistent downpours ...

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