Life under Taliban in Afghanistan - BBC News
2 years ago

The BBC has been given rare access to see life under the Afghan Taliban in Helmand province. Please subscribe HERE World In Pictures ...

Embedded in Northern Afghanistan: The Resurgence of the Taliban
3 years ago

In late September, the Taliban launched an offensive against Kunduz, a provincial capital in northern Afghanistan, capturing key buildings and freeing hundreds ...

The U.S. is trying to negotiate peace with the Taliban, but is Afghanistan ready?
3 weeks ago

The U.S. is serious about making peace with the Taliban, but some experts question whether Afghanistan is ready for the U.S. withdrawal that would accompany ...

Inside Taliban sucide training
6 years ago

CNN's Nic Robertson talks to a journalist who spent a week in a Taliban suicide training camp. For more CNN videos, visit our site at

US and Taliban peace talks make progress toward ending war in Afghanistan
3 months ago

The draft framework of an Afghan peace deal: If the Taliban agree to a cease-fire, working directly with the Afghan government and preventing terror groups from ...

Taliban official: 'War in Afghanistan should end soon' - BBC News
2 months ago

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who has led the Taliban's peace negotiations with the US, has told the BBC that "peace is more difficult to achieve than war".

US-Taliban peace talks explained - BBC News
1 week ago

What will it take to end America's longest war? The US and Taliban have been holding peace talks to end the 18-year-long Afghanistan conflict. But with the ...

Taliban launches new Spring offensive
5 days ago

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) says he is highly suspicious of the Taliban's desire for peace talks.

US: More than 70 Taliban leaders killed in Afghanistan
11 months ago

U.S. military ramps up airstrikes, more than 500 in April alone; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon. FOX News Channel ...

Why is the Taliban Publicly Executing Women?
6 years ago

Video of an Afghan woman being killed in front of cheering men shocked the world. Who was she? And how could it happen? For more on Yalda Hakim's report, ...

Bin Laden's Beginnings | Inside the Taliban
11 years ago

Before he came to be known as America's enemy number one, Osama bin Laden helped the American cause against the Soviets in Afghanistan ➡ Subscribe: ...

Talks between Taliban and Afghan Delegation Postponed
2 days ago

قطر میں مذاکرات کے میزبان کا کہنا ہے کہ افغان وفد کے شرکا کی تعداد سے متعلق اختلاف کے باعث مذاکرات ملتوی ہو...

Afghanistan: Sparking violence overshadows peace talks with Taliban | DW News
2 months ago

Taliban and US officials are meeting in Qatar to continue to negotiate peace in Afghanistan after more than 17 years of conflict. Many Afghans are worried about ...

The Taliban in Pakistan
7 years ago

We went to Pakistan to invesitage why suicide bombings, IED use, and the Taliban are all growing at alarming rates. In a recent trip to Pakistan to report on the ...

Pakistan's War With The Taliban
6 years ago

The Enemy Within (2013) Inside Pakistan's Desperate War With The Taliban. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: ...

Taliban release new video of suicide bombers
9 years ago

Subscribe to the AFP channel: The Afghan Taliban have released a new video, said to show suicide bombers carrying out attacks ...

The Afghan Women Fighting IS And The Taliban
1 year ago

Bullets and Burqas: Years of war have left many of Afghanistan's rural communities devoid of young men to defend them from Daesh and the Taliban.

Meet the Talibans - Exclusive
11 years ago

Meet the Talibans - Exclusive Subscribe to France 24 now An exclusive report of the Talibans in Afghanistan. The France24 reporters ...

Afghanistan: Fatalities reported after Taliban assault on Kunduz
1 week ago

Subscribe to our channel! The Taliban launched an attack on the northern Afghani city of Kunduz on Saturday, killing at least six people and ...

Afghani Life Under Taliban Rule (1998)
4 months ago

The Taliban Time Capsule (1998) - Afghanistan under Taliban rule is a country ruled by might and fear. Capital punishment is rife, women's rights are ...

Afghan Taliban attack US base near Pakistan border: officials
6 years ago

Taliban suicide bombers and gunmen dressed as Afghan police attack a US base near the Pakistani border, sparking a shootout that left all three assailants ...

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