Guy Verhoftstadt backs Lib Dems as party attempts to stop #Brexit
2 weeks ago

"So we can show to the rest of Europe that never never never again an exit" Guy Verhofstadt joins the Liberal Democrats on the European elections campaign as ...

Europe's top court confirms that UK can stop Brexit | Squawk Box Europe
5 months ago

The decision followed the guidance given last week by a non-binding opinion to the court from a top European law officer.

McTernan: "The people doing the most to stop #Brexit are ones saying they want it to happen"
1 month ago

"The people who are doing the most to stop #Brexit are the ones saying they most want it to happen" says political strategist John McTernan as he talks to RT UK ...

How the EU Can Stop the Next Brexit
3 years ago

July 8-- Bloomberg View's Clive Crook says Britain's vote to leave the European Union should make Europe's leaders stop and think. Their commitment to free ...

UK can unilaterally halt Brexit, European Court rules | ITV News
5 months ago

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the UK can unilaterally revoke its withdrawal from the EU. The court found that if the UK does decide to ...

EU's top court says UK can unilaterally stop Brexit
5 months ago

The European Union's top court ruled on Monday that the British government may unilaterally reverse its decision to leave the bloc, without consulting the other ...

Stop Brexit man on May's defeat
4 months ago

The 'Stop Brexit man' has his say on the worst Commons defeat in history. Like what you see? Please subscribe FOLLOW ON ...

European Elections: SNP on Brexit and second Scottish Independence Referendum - BBC Newsnight
1 week ago

Emma Barnett interviews Tommy Sheppard, SNP MP and spokesperson. Subscribe to our channel here: With the European Parliament ...

Brexit: Petition to remain in EU scores millions of signatures | DW News
2 months ago

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London to call for a second referendum on Brexit. And it's not just on the streets that Britons have been ...

EU leaders have power to stop Brexit, says Blair
1 year ago

The former UK prime minister tells Euronews EU leaders should deliver fundamental reforms that could keep Britain in the bloc.… READ MORE ...

Hundreds of thousands march for a people's vote in London
7 months ago

London mayor Sadiq Khan and businesswoman Deborah Meaden are among those campaigning for a people's vote on the Brexit deal. Counter protests where ...

Brexit: Can it be stopped with another referendum?
1 year ago

Progress on Brexit continues to move forward, but now there are rumblings about holding another referendum. The suggestion comes from an unlikely source: ...

Debate: Stop Brexit
10 months ago

Want to join the debate? Check out the Intelligence Squared website to hear about future live events and podcasts: It's time.

Ex-UK PM Blair urges EU leaders to work to stop Brexit
1 year ago

(1 Mar 2018) RESTRICTION SUMMARY: AP CLIENTS ONLY ASSOCIATED PRESS - AP CLIENTS ONLY Brussels - 1 March 2018 1. Britain's former Prime ...

Change UK's Chuka Umunna Live On LBC - European Elections 2019 - LBC
5 days ago

With just two days before the European Elections, Chuka Umunna is live on LBC answering questions from LBC listeners. The spokesperson for Change UK will ...

​A day with Mr Stop Brexit: crashing TV interviews and fighting Ukip
6 months ago

Best known for interrupting news broadcasts and shouting: 'Stop Brexit', Steve Bray has become parliament's most persistent protester since the EU referendum ...

Scottish First Minister Says Scotland Might Be Able To Stop Brexit
3 years ago

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland might be able to stop the Brexit from actually happening. "What's going to happen with the U.K. is that there ...

Rees-Mogg: PM has made 'active choices' to stop Brexit
2 months ago

The Tory Brexiteer has criticised Theresa May for joining forces with Jeremy Corbyn and has accused her of making 'active choices' to stop Brexit. SUBSCRIBE ...

Stop Brexit, German economic experts tell Chancellor Merkel - world
3 years ago

The best outcome of Brexit talks would be to stop Brexit, that was the advice of Germany's council of economic experts to the Chancellor. In their annual report ...

'Stop Brexit!' - one man's daily protest against UK-EU divorce
5 months ago

Steve Bray is already hard at work when dawn breaks over London, waving anti-Brexit banners behind television crews reporting live outside Westminster.

Boris Johnson: "stop dithering" over Brexit
4 months ago

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson gives speech at the JCB Headquarters, as Prime Minister Theresa May searches for last-minute Brexit deal. THERESA ...

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