Donny Deutsch: People Wanted To Hear Someone Stand Up To President Donald Trump | MSNBC
6 hours ago

Donny Deutsch joins Nicolle Wallace and Brian Williams to discuss which candidates could stand up to Trump in the national election. Deutsch's lingering ...

23 hours ago

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Bill Burr Stand Up Comedy | You People are all the Same
2 years ago

Bill Burr Stand Up Comedy | You People are all the Same William Frederic "Bill" Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and ...

Online Knitters Stand Up To White Supremacy
1 day ago

A social network for knitting enthusiasts is taking a stand against white supremacy. #LSSC #Colbert #Knitting Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: ...

Golf Is a Fake Sport - Joe DeRosa
5 days ago

Joe DeRosa rails against golfers and makes it plain what he thinks about the Olympics. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up: ...

Stand Up: Юля Ахмедова - О гороскопе, современном рыцарстве и выборе мужчины
22 hours ago

Юля не верит в гороскопы и считает их абсолютным бредом для дурочек. Девушка считает, что мужчину себе нужно...

The Most American Thing That’s Ever Happened - John Oliver
2 weeks ago

John Oliver contemplates America's legacy and describes an uber-American event that took place off the coast of South Carolina. John Oliver's Stand-Up Show ...

"¡Vergus!" | Ángel Briones 'El Patán | Stand Up | Comedy Central México
9 hours ago

No te pierdas Stand Up México todos los miércoles a las 10 PM! Disfrúta de Ángel Briones 'El Patán' y más contendio en la App CC Play!

Stand Up: Тимур Каргинов - О ЧСВ, верификации, Скриптоните, изнасиловании Криштиану Роналду
2 days ago

Тимур резко понял, что его ЧСВ сейчас на максималках, поэтому решил запросить синюю галочку для своих сетей...

Pretending to Seem Smart at a Museum - Pete Holmes
4 days ago

Pete Holmes admits he hates museums and describes the highway billboards for the world's oldest drug store. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up: ...

Ricky Gervais Stand Up  - Out Of England 2
3 years ago

The Stand Up Special Full show.

【白猫プロジェクト】Stand Up! ~白猫プロジェクト 5th Anniversary ver.~ 試聴動画
2 hours ago

まもなく迎える「白猫プロジェクト」リリース5周年を記念して、『Stand Up!』のスペシャルバージョンが誕生! 楽曲を歌う堀江由衣さんの10th...

Stand Up: Евгений Чебатков - О дружбе с американцами, драках на матчах и несчастном случае с кротом
3 days ago

Евгений Чебатков уверен, что все американцы добрые искренние люди и умеют дружить, но только не тогда, когда...

Ordering for Your Drunk Friends at the Drive-Through - Nick Swardson
1 month ago

Nick Swardson illustrates what it's like to order for your drunk friends at a drive-through and imagines the first time someone experienced brain freeze. (Contains ...

Brendan Schaub - The Biggest Fight of His Life - This Is Not Happening
2 weeks ago

All of Brendan Schaub's training culminates in a massive UFC fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Contains strong language.) Follow Brendan ...

Mihai Bobonete - The Comedy Store (Londra /show integral stand up 2019)
2 weeks ago

Subscribe sau aboneaza-te pentru mai mult: Mihai Bobonete - The Comedy Store (Londra /show integral stand up) Contact management ...

Stand Up: Расул Чабдаров - Когда ты таксист
7 hours ago

Расул долгое время в Москве работал таксистом. Поэтому даже его родная мать стеснялась говорить о его работ...

Chris Porter Ugly and Angry  Chris Porter stand up comedy full show
11 months ago

hear are links because of people accusing me of making money of this vid probably others too please check before accusing ...

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