Chris and Shanann Watts' seemed to be in love, say friends, family: 20/20 Dec 7 Part 1
6 months ago

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 20/20: Their lives are enviable for many following Shanann Watts on social media, until the community's ...

Shanann Watts’ Parents Say They Had No Idea Her Marriage In Trouble
7 months ago

The heartbroken parents of Shan'ann Watts had no clue her marriage was in tatters before her murder at the hands of her husband, Chris. In an interview with ...

Shanann Watts - Live Video months before she got killed with her daughters
10 months ago

Shanann, 34, and her daughters, 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste, were missing for four days before authorities announced that all three were found ...

How Shanann Watts’ Friend Helped Stop Chris Watts From Getting Away With Murder
7 months ago

When Shan'ann Watts didn't show up for a doctor's appointment in mid-August, her best friend Nickole Atkinson immediately called police. "I can't get a hold of ...

Life-After-Death: Did Spirits Of Shan’ann Watts And Her Daughters Visit Mom After Their Murders?
3 months ago

The mother of murder victim Shan'ann Watts describes spiritual visitations from her daughter and grandchildren after their bodies were recovered.

Surveillance video shows Shanann Watts arriving home on Aug. 13
4 months ago

Surveillance video taken during the early morning hours of August 13, show Shanann Watts arriving home from a business trip to Arizona. Her husband, Chris ...

What Happened the Night Shan'ann Watts Was Killed
4 months ago

The last moments of little Bella Watts' life were filled with terror and confusion, as the 4-year-old girl walked in on her father disposing of her mother's body before ...

Shanann Watts surprises Chris Watts with pregnancy test
7 months ago

The Weld County District Attorney's office released photos, hours of videos and other items related to the Chris Watts case. The documents released include ...

Chris and Shanann Watts House Photos From Search
3 months ago

This is the house photographs in the Shanann and Chris Watts Case. The photos are in my own personal file and were sent to me from the Weld County DA's ...

Childhood friend remembers Shanann Watts and her daughters
10 months ago

Shanann, Bella and Cece Watts were first reported missing from Frederick on Tuesday by a friend. A day later, Shanann's husband and the girl's dad was ...

Shanann Watts' father speaks at sentencing
7 months ago

Frank Rzucek gave a statement at the sentencing of Chris Watts, who admitted to murdering Shanann and their two daughters.

Shanann Watts SPEAKS FROM THE DEAD! (Tells Family "I Miss Them")
5 months ago

Maybe one of my favorite captures ever!! Truly compelling direct communication with a spirit! Shanann Watts? We can't say it's not! I live for this, such an ...

RAW: Father of Shanann Watts thanks community for their prayers
10 months ago

Frank Rzucek, the father of Shanann Watts, spoke ahead of a news conference where the Weld County district attorney formally announced the charges against ...

Shan’ann Watts’ Mother: ‘I Want To Be On A Mission To Hug Every Woman That’s Missed A Child’
3 months ago

Shan'ann Watts and her children were murdered by her husband, Chris. Shan'ann's mother says she wants to be on a mission to “hug every woman that's ...

Father Of Murder Victim Shan’ann Watts Reveals What He’d Say To Son-In-Law, Chris, If Given The C…
3 months ago

The family of murder victims Shan'ann, Bella, and Celeste Watts reveals what they'd say to husband, father, and killer, Chris Watts, if given the opportunity.

Shanann Watts' brother has statement read at sentencing
7 months ago

Shanann Watts' brother has statement read at sentencing.

Shanann Watts calls Chris Watts ‘weirdo,’ he wears no wedding ring. He lost 50 lbs; she lost 8 lbs.
4 months ago

Shanann Watts calls Chris Watts 'weirdo,' he wears no wedding ring. He lost 50 lbs; she lost 8 lbs. Chris Watts, no wedding ring Facebook video: Shanann Watts ...

Chris & Shanann Watts: The Sociopath Next Door & The Unexamined Victim
10 months ago

I believe there are important messages in this tragic story of abuse. I want to share this with you because our topic on this channel is narcissistic abuse recovery.

The ghosts of Shanann Watts & daughters
4 months ago

I made a Typo on Video *Red* appears on walls before spirit activity! This home is so full of spirits that may have been brought in my Chris Watts or may have ...

Eerie video of Shanann Watts in bed, likely location of her murder, speaking of being awake at 4 am.
4 months ago

Eerie video of Shanann Watts in bed, likely location of her murder, speaking of being away at 4 a.m. Shanann Watts in bed in bedroom shared with Chris Watts, ...

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