Second Brexit referendum rejected by lawmakers
1 week ago

UK lawmakers have rejected a move to give the British public a second referendum on Brexit. #CNN #News.

Shadow Brexit Secretary talks second referendum
4 weeks ago

All eyes are on Labour today as they have firmed up their plans for a second referendum. Labour's Sir Keir Starmer has told Sky News a second EU referendum ...

Brexit: how to hold a second referendum
3 months ago

Read more at FT economics editor Chris Giles explains his almost foolproof method for finding the will of the people in a vote between ...

How 2nd referendum could work - Brexit Explained
3 months ago

As the UK's departure date from the EU draws nearer, we look at whether a second referendum is possible - and if so, how it might look. (Subscribe: ...

Tony Blair Defends Wanting to Have a Second Referendum | Good Morning Britain
4 days ago

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks to Good Morning Britain about the complications of leaving the European Union and his campaign for there to be a ...

Brexit: U.K. lawmakers vote to delay EU divorce, reject second referendum
1 week ago

U.K. lawmakers voted on Thursday in Parliament 412-202 in favour of supporting Article 50, a motion where the government will seek to delay Britain's departure ...

Labour moves to back second Brexit vote
4 weeks ago

Delaying Brexit is now a "rational solution", according to the European Council President Donald Tusk. (Subscribe: But at the ...

Brexit: what would a second referendum look like? | The Economist
4 weeks ago

Britain's Labour Party has announced it will support a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU. What might be on the ballot? Click here to subscribe to The ...

Debate: Has a 'second referendum' run out of steam?
2 months ago

The campaign for a second Brexit referendum appears to have stalled in recent days. MPs dropped their proposal for a cross-table amendment calling for a ...

Second referendum seems likely to transpire, analyst says | Capital Connection
1 week ago

Tom Rogers, head of macro consulting at Asia Oxford Economics discusses Brexit and the options on the table.

Corbyn would back members on second referendum
6 months ago

The Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will back a second referendum on the EU if that's what his party decide at the Labour party conference.

Nigel Farage backs second referendum on Brexit
1 year ago

The former Ukip leader voices support for a second UK referendum on EU membership. Speaking on Channel 5's the Wright Stuff, he says a fresh poll would 'kill ...

May gives Brexit update as Labour backs a second referendum
4 weeks ago

Theresa May addresses MPs in the Commons to give an update on her Brexit progress following talks in Brussels. It comes as Labour announce their support for ...

Nigel Farage Threatens To Boycott Second Referendum And “Go Fishing For A Month”
4 weeks ago

Nigel Farage confirmed he would not campaign or vote in a second referendum if it was a choice between remaining in the EU or Theresa May's deal. Subscribe ...

If the UK had a second referendum, should the EU allow them to remain? | #TheCube
4 weeks ago

TheCube | "I don't believe in politics of punishment or sanction". If the UK were to have a second Brexit referendum, should the EU allow them back?

PM: Second referendum 'would exacerbate divisions' - BBC News
4 months ago

Theresa May says the government's deal "allows a good relationship with Europe but for the UK to make wider trade deals too". She adds that it also ensures a ...

Britain could have a second referendum: Steve Hilton
4 months ago

Steve Hilton, former senior adviser to David Cameron, on British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal and whether there will be a second referendum in the ...

Second Referendum Seen as More Likely as EU Rules Brexit Can Be Reversed
3 months ago

Dec.10 -- Lorand Bartels, senior counsel at Linklaters and reader in international law at the University of Cambridge, discusses the outlook for the parliamentary ...

Nile Gardiner: A Second Brexit Referendum Would Be "Slap in the Face" of British People
1 week ago

Nile Gardiner joined BBC News, Tuesday, March 12, to talk about the latest news on Brexit, the defeat of Theresa May's Brexit proposal, the E.U.'s bad-faith ...

May suggests Brexit delay, Labour backs second referendum | DW News
4 weeks ago

Britain's prime minister has told members of parliament that they will have a chance to delay Brexit if they defeat her deal again. Theresa May's change of heart ...

John McDonnell: Labour will whip MPs on second referendum vote
3 weeks ago

The shadow chancellor tells Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday that the Labour party will whip its MPs to back a second referendum. McDonnell said it would ...

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