9 months ago

A Christian motivational video that every woman needs to hear this! How do your emotions affect you? ▻ LIKE OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK ...

Freedom from Guilt & Condemnation
10 months ago

One of the biggest obstacles to transforming your life is the feeling of guilt, condemnation, unworthiness and judgment. It originates from the deceptive lies of the ...

Tony Smith on TD Jakes -- Part 2/2
6 years ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUGNPCP_UVA Tony Smith on TD Jakes is a video worth watching. One is a Man of God and one is, well, check this video ...

How To See And Experience Real Life Transformation Pt. 8
2 years ago

Creflo Dollar preaching on how to see and experience real life transformation.

Rod Parsley - Conquering racism with love
3 years ago

On this special Father's Day, Pastor Parsley is talking about Christians praising God under under the same roof - that there is no black church or white church ...

Think Pink 2018 Vlog
9 months ago

'Think Pink' is God's vision made manifest through his woman servant First Lady Lesley. During the conference, woman from all backgrounds become sisters in ...

The Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation
6 years ago

This is a short clip from the sermon "Saints" that was preached by Pastor Brett Baggett at the worship gathering of Ekklesia Muskogee on Sunday, April 14th.

condemnation the enemy of grace
7 years ago

this teaching from God's Word breakes the yoke of condemnation, shame, wortlessness and guilt, a anointed sermon from Pastor Vincent, for more sermons visit ...

Condemnation Kills, Part 1 - Sermon Only
4 years ago

Part 1 of Condemnation Kills.

When God Stretches You by Life Catalyst Marshawn Evans
7 years ago

http://marshawnevans.com Reinvention Strategy & Life Catalyst Marshawn Evans shared how to allow God to pull you into alignment so you can reach your ...

INBOUND Bold Talks: LaShawne Holland "Money Made Easy"
3 years ago

LaShawne Holland is a Wealth Activator, Wealth Coach, Money Expert and Non-Profit Strategist. This former Chief Financial Officer turned her passion for ...

Jan 21 Rodney Perry preaching "I Just Want to Do God's Will"
3 years ago

Part of Iliff's observances of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Rev. Rodney Perry is Pastor of Central Baptist Church, Denver. He is also currently an MDiv student at ...

A Chosen Generation "Wave of Glory"
6 years ago

The mime team ministered on Saturday, April 27th at First Church of God in Christ. Sorry the video is not complete because I ran out of memory.

Amplify Your Wealth Tour 2016
3 years ago

LaShawne Holland virtually hosting the Amplify Your Wealth Tour 2016.

Think Generationally
8 years ago

Pastor RJ Matthews shares Secrets to have Supernatural Families during the 2011 Shift the Culture Series.

Believe Bigger Contest! With Marshawn Evans Daniels
1 year ago

Believe Bigger!!! What if...what you are going through is not happening TO you, but instead it is happening FOR you?? Take a listen as I share some of the ...

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