Top 5 Rifles For Home Defense
7 months ago

The 5 best overall rifles to defend your home. Click Here to Save $20 On Ammo Here is a link to donate to a local shelter in ...

Squash - Rifle (Official Audio)
3 months ago

Music video by Squash performing Rifle (Official Audio). 2019 Shab Don Records #Squash #Rifle #G6ixxRiddim.

1860 Henry Rifle
5 years ago

Shooting and showing the gorgeous 1860 Henry Rifle reproduction by Uberti. ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit the website and check ...

The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever... and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It...
1 year ago

Demolition Ranch Merch!!! Need shades? Code "Demoranch" gets you $5 off! Watch me vlog.

Ruger American Rifle in .243 Winchester
1 year ago

Yep, we finally got ahold of something chambered in the widely popular .243 Winchester cartridge. ------------------------ Please visit the website and ...

ON THE GUN: The Best New Affordable Precision Rifles
2 weeks ago

The Patriot Valley Arms John Hancock, BadRock Precision SouthFork, and Seekins Precision Havoc Bravo are three top production precision rifles for 2019.

AR15 Rifle Setup
1 month ago

Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite goes over 2 different types of AR15 rifle setup. His military setup and his civilian setup. Just like everything else... Keep it simple.

the infinite ammo sniper rifle
1 day ago

Thank you all so much for 400000! Music: • Hollywood Principle - Breathing Underwater (Ether Remix) • Download: • Soundcloud: ...

Spoken-Word Poet Rudy Francisco Performs His Poem "Rifle"
2 months ago

Spoken-word poet Rudy Francisco delivers a heartfelt poem called "Rifle" from his book Helium for the Tonight Show audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...

.22LR Rifle Overview
5 years ago

I look at some .22 rifles to show you just what kind of options are available to both the beginner and advanced shooter. I talk about a bolt action Savage, a Henry ...

¿Sabe usted que es un AR-15? Es el rifle de asalto más vendido hoy en EEUU
6 years ago

El AR-15 es también el responsable de muchas muertes, incluyendo las últimas masacres en un cine de Colorado y en una escuela de Connecticut.

U.S. Military Rifles since 1776
7 years ago

Please read before commenting: A very basic overview of some of the main U.S. military rifles since the 18th century. We mainly look at the evolution of the ...

RIFLE- ไรเฟิร์น(RAIFERN)
2 months ago

BIG-K mix เนื้อเพลง จะบอกว่ารักให้หนูได้ยิน อย่าพึ่งบอกว่าไม่จริง เลย ทำน้ำ...

1 year ago

7 Most POWERFUL and Dangerous SNIPERS RIFLES of ALL TIME In wars during the XIX century, troopers could feel safe by backing a couple of meters away ...

Henry U.S. Survival Rifle - Overview and First Impressions
3 years ago

The Henry US Survival Rifle AR-7 .22lr by Henry Repeating Arms has always intrigued me. I had never owned one until now. This is my impressions of the little ...

The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle
3 years ago

While not rare, the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga AND 7.62x39 is one very cool firearm. Hope you enjoyed the video and as always Thanks For Watching.

The Quietest Sniper Rifle! - Suppressed Subsonic .308
10 months ago

3 things make a gun shot loud. Muzzle blast, action sound, and the bullet breaking the sound barrier. In this video, I shoot a bolt action suppressed rifle using ...

1861 Springfield Rifle Musket
1 year ago

Shooting and discussing the classic 1861 Springfield rifle. ------------------------ Please visit the website and check out what the great folks who ...

Found Military RIFLE In River! (Police Called)
1 year ago

In this video DallmyD and I Ride Brandon J's Jetski to go scuba diving for River treasure in an unexplored part of the River! New to the channel? PLEASE ...

Top 5 Rifles Of NRA 2019
2 months ago

Here are the Top 5 Rifles from the NRAAM 2019. (according to Joel) We've got everything from a $399.00 22LR all the way to a precision rifle that can cost ...

10 7.62x51 Rifles 2018
1 year ago

7.62x51 NATO round is a powerful cartridge, especially when it's fired from a decent rifle. Here is my 10 propositions of Rifles chambered in .308 Winchester ...

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