Can Impeachment Hearings Force The Hands Of Senate Republicans? | AM Joy | MSNBC
8 hours ago

What are the political implications of Donald Trump being impeached for the 2020 presidential race and beyond? Joy Reid and her panel discuss how ...

House Republicans Turn To Infowars Guest For Science Expertise
7 hours ago

"House Republicans invited Marc Morano, a semi-frequent Infowars guest and climate change denier, to speak before the House Committee on Natural ...

GOP Rep. under fire from Republicans over call to impeach Trump
6 days ago

There was no collusion or underlying crime to obstruct, says Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee.

How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval
2 years ago

He's an authoritarian strongman, and he's never been more popular with GOP voters. Subscribe to our channel! is a news website ...

History of the Republican Party | American civics | US government and civics | Khan Academy
3 years ago

A quick history of the GOP, from its origins before the Civil War through the elections of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan. And where does that elephant symbol ...

Democrats, Republicans react to Mueller report
1 month ago

Many 2020 presidential candidates are weighing in on the special counsel's investigation. Republican political consultant Shermichael Singleton and ...

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump
3 years ago

It wasn't always this way for the Republican Party. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like livestream ...

Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
7 months ago

Neither party is perfect, but Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they're making it impossible ...

Republicans vs. Democrats
5 years ago

Republicans vs. Democrats - U.S.A. is in a custody battle between the republicans and democrats. Subscribe to Studio C: ...

I'm black and I'm a Republican
3 years ago

Once heralded as members of "The Party of Lincoln," black Republicans today are labeled everything from "confused" to "sellouts" to "Uncle Tom." How do you ...

ESPN host: Black people should vote for GOP
4 years ago

Stephen A. Smith says that black voters in the U.S. should vote for the GOP in the next election.

Nevada Voters, Republicans And Democrats, Are "Mad As Hell" (HBO)
7 months ago

Former President Barack Obama was in Nevada today stumping for the Democratic candidate, Jacky Rosen, in the state's closely watched Senate race.

Why red means Republican and blue means Democrat
3 years ago

The major party color schemes, and the terms “red state” and "blue state," are actually a recent phenomenon. Subscribe to our channel! ...

Famous Republicans: 9 Celebrities With Conservative Views | Access
8 months ago

While Hollywood is known to be a bastion of Democratic support, some conservative stars aren't afraid to go against the grain. Access looks at nine celebrities ...

Barack Obama to Republicans: Good luck with Vladimir Putin, you can't handle CNBC
4 years ago

Barack Obama roasts the Republican party during an encore performance at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York. Subscribe to Guardian ...

Texas Republicans Are Trying To Sign Up Immigrants Minutes After They Become Citizens (HBO)
9 months ago

What do you do if you're the county Republican Party in El Paso, Texas — where the population is Hispanic and President Trump is wildly unpopular? You try to ...

Republican Movie Trailer - SNL
2 years ago

This is the story of the Republican who stood up to President Donald Trump. Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: ...

Trump Judges Try To Protect Republicans Who Caused Flint Water Crisis
12 hours ago

Government officials are typically protected from legal ramifications of their actions in office, but recently a Circuit Court ruled that a lawsuit against the ...

Growing up Democrat in a red state, Republican in a blue state | ABC News
2 years ago

A Democratic family living in Texas and a Republican family living in California talk about the backlash they received for being open about their political views.

Yes / No: Democrats and Republicans
4 years ago

We polled 60 Democrats and 60 Republicans on politically-charged questions. Check out how similar (and different) the two parties are. Co-produced with Cut.

Democrats vs. Republicans
3 years ago

Attendees at both political conventions become very passionate when speaking about the other side. We decided to do an examination into this. We went to the ...

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