Record gas prices estimated for summer
7 years ago

Record gas prices estimated for summer.

Record Gas Prices Equals Record Oil Profits
8 years ago

Record oil profits are expected this week while drivers are having to pay record gas prices at the pump. AP's Robert Ray has the story. (April 25)

BC’s Record High Gas Prices Hurting Economy. Jordan Bateman - April 16, 2019
1 month ago

Cancelled energy projects have cost Canadian economy $100 billion Guest's website: Produced by Don't miss out ...

Record gas prices in Michigan
8 years ago

Drivers in Detroit are dealing with record high gas prices.

Gas Prices Reach Record Lows
3 years ago

AAA estimates gasoline prices are down an average of 64 cents a gallon, reducing costs by $100 billion compared to 2014 and saving $550 for each licensed ...

Did gas prices actually go over $9 in California's Death Valley? | Verify
1 month ago

A Facebook commenting on gas prices over $9 in California's Death Valley have made the rounds on social media, but did gas prices actually go that high?

New gas price record set in Metro Vancouver
2 months ago

We were warned, and now it's happened. Andrea Macpherson tells us another record has been broken for fuel prices here in Metro Vancouver. This station in ...

Americans are always talking about gas prices and for good reason.The national price is hovering aro
4 years ago

HEADLINE:Record Gas Prices Hurting America's Towns CAPTION: Americans are always talking about gas prices and for good reason.The national price is ...

Justin Trudeau: Record high gas prices "exactly what we want"
1 year ago

MP David Anderson's message for the week of May 7, 2018.

Record Gas Prices Changing Summer Travel Plans
11 years ago

PlusRecord Gas Prices Changing Summer Travel PlansRecord Gas Prices Changing Summer Travel PlansThe Associated PressRecord-high gas prices will ...

Gas prices as high as $1.65 per litre? WHATTT!!!
2 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see $1.65 (a litre) between now and the May long weekend (Victoria Day 18-20),” said gas analyst Dan McTeague. The highest price ...

Record Gas Prices, Record  Oil Company Profits , A 5 Year Old Story  Nothing Changes
7 years ago

It's a story from 5 years ago when gas prices were high.. $3.50 a gallon. Add to the anger of consumers then was the fact oil companies were making record ...

What's behind the sudden spike in gas prices?
2 months ago

What's behind the sudden spike in gas prices?

High gas prices, record number of travelers expected this Memorial weekend
1 week ago

Despite the high prices at the pump, AAA is expecting a record number of travelers for Memorial Day weekend.

Summer outlook for gas prices
1 month ago

The Trump administration on Monday rolled out sanctions to countries that buy Iranian oil. (April 22, 2019)

Gas prices on the rise; California sees largest jumps
2 months ago

Gasoline prices nationwide jumped for the eighth straight week in a row, the longest streak of rising prices since 2015. And, nowhere has the increase being ...

Gas Prices Soaring
1 month ago

We are seeing a hike in prices at the gas pump. What are the factors for this increase and what can we expect in the coming months? Rahel Solomon reports.

Record low gas prices
4 years ago

Busiest travel day is welcomed with record low gas prices.

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