Swift and Insane Plays - Rainbow Six Siege
16 hours ago

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Mozzie w/ Iron Sights is OP - Rainbow Six Siege
21 hours ago

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Rainbow Six Siege FUNTAGE! - Siege 4 Dummies
2 days ago

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The Goyo/Amaru Carry: Full Game Friday - Rainbow Six Siege
1 day ago

The test server isn't as competitive as the main build obviously so this ranked match plays like casual, but I wanted to showcase the new ops a bit more.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise Operators Gameplay and Gadget Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]
7 days ago

An explosive new shield and a speedy new way to move are coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Ember Rise. A new Defender named Goyo brings ...

Rainbow Six Siege - Halloween ивент | Новые режимы
5 hours ago

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Another Day Another Hacker - Rainbow Six Siege
2 days ago

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Copper To Diamond: Getting Salty - Rainbow Six Siege
2 days ago

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Pranking Teammates with the New Operators - Rainbow Six Siege (Ember Rise)
5 days ago

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Amaru & Goyo are AMAZING!!! - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay
3 days ago

The new Ember Rise operators are insane and super fun to play. 10/10 would yeet again. Intro Song : Unknown Brain - Perseus Outro Song : JJD - Adventure ...

When Diamond Ranked is Boring - Rainbow Six Siege
4 days ago

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Ultimate Goyo Strat in Rainbow Six Siege (Test Server Gameplay)
4 days ago

Operation Ember Rise is live on the test server and boy did we find a dumb yet pro league ready Strat. Rainbow Six Siege will never be the same. The New ...

Rainbow Six Siege moments to watch with your friends
3 days ago

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You shouldn't watch this Rainbow Six Siege video
5 days ago

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Подстольник /Rainbow Six Siege
19 hours ago

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GOYO IS TOXIC! - Rainbow Six Siege
12 hours ago

Operation Ember Rise releases the most toxic operator yet. Goyo sets the world on fire along with his teammates! Strats for Kanal too btw TWITCH ...

TOP 50 BEST Rainbow Six Siege Moments! #7 (R6S Funny Moments Compilation)
5 days ago

R6S FUNNIEST FAILS, Epic + Funny Moments (Rainbow Six Siege Compilation) ▻Submit your Rainbow Six Siege Clips here!: https://goo.gl/Q2i3ty ▻ If you ...

Rainbow Six Siege Raliegh Major Championship Day With NEW DLC Reveal
6 days ago

Tune in for the R6 Raliegh Major Event with the grand finals match as well as the latest DLC reveal.

Things that should NEVER happen in Rainbow Six: Siege
3 days ago

Rainbow Six Siege. Man this game stresses me out. Hey thanks for waiting for this video you're pretty alright. Can't wait to upload Operation Ember Rise ...

WARDEN? WACK. | Rainbow Six Siege
1 week ago

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Amaru macht Spaß – Rainbow Six Siege (German/Deutsch)
2 hours ago

Amaru und Goyo sind die beiden neuen Operator in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise. Amaru kann sich mit der Garra Hook sehr schnell von a nach b ...

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