Learned to Be Patient With India: Raghav Bahl At ‘Super Century’ Launch | The Quint
4 weeks ago

I realised that the date of India's tryst with destiny had again been pushed and again, therefore, I told myself that in the final, third book, I'd be a little more patient ...

Breaking Views: Early Review of the 2019 Political Blockbuster | The Quint
8 months ago

AssemblyElections in five states have seen a trend of #Congress' revival and a downward spiral for the #BJP. Will the political winds turn in 2019?

Raghav Bahl's Take on GST - The Quint
2 years ago

How will GST benefit businesses, how will it affect the common man and what are its drawbacks? The Quint's Raghav Bahl breaks down the good and the bad of ...

PM Modi, Congratulations on India’s First Post-Truth Budget | The Quint
7 months ago

RaghavBahl advocates why India needs to move away from #CashAccounting and 'manufactured' economic numbers or be condemned to post-truth #Budgets.

Why The BJP’s Recent #NaamVaapsi Politics is Dangerous For India | The Quint
9 months ago

Changing Muslim names of cities to Hindu ones has more to do with the BJP's future in the 2019 elections and less to do with reclaiming our history. Video: The ...

Raids on The Quint: So-Called “Bogus” LTCGs Were Filed, Assessed | The Quint
10 months ago

From 7:45 am on Thursday to 6 am on Friday, for 23 incessant hours, nearly 500 journalists and other professionals of the Quintillion Media Group, were held to ...

Welcome To The Quint
4 years ago

Raghav Bahl introduces you to a mobile-first, digital news product. Come check us out at www.thequint.com Subscribe to our channel for more videos: ...

The Quint: vox pop monster second video
2 years ago

For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The ...

They’re Finishing This Generation: Pellet Victim’s Brother in J&K | The Quint
2 weeks ago

As the Kashmir Valley continues to remain tense and under lockdown, in the aftermath of the stripping away of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, The ...

If Modi Beat Manmohan’s GDP, Hindu Kings Outperformed Mughals | The Quint
9 months ago

Let's rework India's #GDPseries back to 5561 BC to prove that growth under Hindu kings was higher than under the Mughals. @Raghav_Bahl Video: The Quint ...

Gurugram Residents Respond to Viral Moral Policing Video | The Quint
4 months ago

In a video that went viral, a woman in #Gurugram was shouted down for allegedly telling girls they "deserve rape". Gurugram residents weigh in. Subscribe to ...

‘Promoting Rape-Culture is Not Okay’: The Six Girls Corroborate | The Quint
4 months ago

Shivani Gupta, along with her friends were allegedly abused by a lady for wearing a “short dress”. Not only were her friends allegedly told that they “deserve to ...

Gunshots, Violence, Screams: Videos from Sonbhadra Massacre Surface | The Quint
1 month ago

Days after 10 people were shot dead in a dispute over land at #Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh, two videos reveal the scene of the massacre which took place in the ...

Post-Congress Win, Old Videos Resurface With Misleading Claims | The Quint
8 months ago

From claiming that 'mobs broke out after the Congress win', to stating that 'Pakistani flags were raised at a victory rally', social media has seen a fake news ...

Is Disturbed Areas Act Polarising Communities in Gujarat? | The Quint
3 days ago

The act is criticised for encouraging ghettoization of religious communities especially Muslims of Gujarat Video: The Quint Music: Big Bang Fuzz Subscribe to ...

Scared, Caged, Angry: Kashmiris Look At Indian Media With Distrust | The Quint
1 week ago

Jammu and Kashmir: In Poonam Agarwal's 4-day stay in Kashmir, she didn't find a single Kashmiri who is happy with the abrogation of Article 370. Video: The ...

‘Won’t Let More Kids Die’: Kashmiri Women On Struggles of J&K Life | The Quint
4 days ago

Life hasn't been easy for the people in the Valley after the abrogation of Article 370. Women of the Valley expressed sorrow and disappointment at the condition ...

Unscrew the World with The Quint's Videos
4 years ago

The Quint is media with intelligence made for mobile. We bring you the stories that are shaping our world, as videos. Show some love: Subscribe on YouTube: ...

Ravish Kumar to the Quint: One Person Has Sent the BJP Into Panic | The Quint
4 months ago

In an exclusive interview with The Quint in Varanasi, senior journalist #RavishKumar speaks on a variety of issues from BJP boycotting his shows to the clean ...

Dalits Protesting Ravidas Temple Demolition Lathi-charged by Police in Delhi | The Quint
4 days ago

Dalits protesting against the demolition of Ravidas Temple in Delhi's Tughlaqabad were lathi-charged by the police on Wednesday, 21 August. Video: The Quint ...

#GoodNews: Locals in Belagavi Invite Indian Army to Celebrate Eid | The Quint
2 weeks ago

Some people from Shiragur, a flood-affected village in Karnataka's Belagavi district, invited Indian Army personnel to celebrate Eid al-Adha with them on ...

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