Pro and anti-abortion rights activists on future of Alabama abortion bill
5 days ago

The state Senate approved a bill that would not provide exemptions for rape or incest. The law is expected to face almost immediate legal challenge if it is signed ...

Pro-choice or pro-life? 39% of Americans don't pick a side.
4 years ago

About 1000 Americans, plus a handful of interviewees in Times Square, show that when it comes to abortion in the US, there's a surprising gray area. For more ...

Reframing Reproductive Rights: Going Beyond Pro-Choice vs Pro Life | Asha Dahya | TEDxNormal
4 months ago

Asha Dahya, Journalist and women's rights activist; founder/editor of, presents: “Reframing Reproductive Rights: Going Beyond Pro-Choice vs ...

Pro-Life Women Respond to New Netflix Abortion Documentary
8 months ago

A new Netflix documentary, “Reversing Roe”, left out interviews with pro-life women leaders – the President of the March for Life, Jeanne Mancini, tells us what ...

Bill Nye slams anti-abortion activists
4 years ago

Scientist Bill Nye weighs in on reproductive health issues, including abortions and women's rights.

Pro-choice supporters protest against Alabama's abortion ban
6 days ago

Alabama's Republican-controlled state senate passed a bill Tuesday to outlaw abortion, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy.

Abortion groups take aim at pro-life Democrat - ENN 2019-05-07
2 weeks ago

NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY's List and Planned Parenthood are endorsing Illinois Democrat Marie Newman as she tries again to unseat Rep.

Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion: Both Sides of the 'Heartbeat' Bill
2 weeks ago

A new short documentary seeks to understand the viewpoints of those who support and oppose increasingly restrictive abortion legislation, such as the ...

Trump: I am pro-life, period
3 years ago

'On the Record' Town Hall with Donald Trump: GOP presidential candidate sounds off on the controversy over his previous comments on abortion, vowing that ...

Pro-Choice to Pro-Life: A Lobbyist’s 180
8 months ago

We introduce you to a woman who says God turned her around from pro-choice to pro-life lobbyist.

Abortion debate: Pro-life or pro-choice?
6 years ago

On The Big Fight, we debate whether a woman should have the right to abort and if there is an urgent need to make abortion laws more liberal in the country.

Pro-choice, pro-life groups rally outside Supreme Court
1 year ago

Both pro-life and pro-choice protesters hold rallies outside the US Supreme Court, where a sensitive case focusing on abortion and free speech is being heard.

Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Supporters Search For Common Ground
2 years ago

Want to be in the next season of Middle Ground? We're always checking out submissions to our casting form! Submit yourself here: ...

Zika Abortion in Brazil: Pro-Choice v Pro-Life | The Economist
3 years ago

In Brazil, the emergence of the Zika virus has re-ignited debate over the country's strict abortion laws. Two women—pro-choice and pro-life—lay out their views ...

Democrats in Alabama Fight Back Against Abortion Ban | NowThis
4 days ago

'This bill is not about pro-life or the right to life. This bill is about control.' — These are the state senators who spoke out against Alabama's abortion ban.

Pro-abortion actress's inadvertent pro-life message - ENN 2019-05-14
6 days ago

Catherine Hadro, host of "EWTN Pro-Life Weekly," tells me why she says actress Alyssa Milano's response to the heartbeat bill in Georgia is actually a pro-life ...

Ass't principal berates pro-life teens protesting abortion
2 years ago

Students Lauren and Conner Haines recall the incident for Tucker #Tucker.

Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion
4 years ago

Abortion is extremely common. In America, for example, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime, yet the strong emotions sparked by the topic ...

Donald Trump on Abortion: I’m Pro-Life
4 years ago

Billionaire Donald trump discusses abortion and same-sex marriage with Mark Halperin at the Iowa Freedom Summit. --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: ...

USA: Pro-life and pro-choice activists scuffle at DC protest
2 years ago

Scuffles broke out when 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' protesters faced off in Washington D.C. on Saturday. D.C. residents decided to stage a counter-protest after it ...

Pro-Choice Men Say 'Thank You for Having an Abortion' | Throwing Shade
2 years ago

Various pro-choice men let their voices be heard and say 'thank you' to the smart ladies in their lives for having an abortion. Subscribe to TV Land: ...

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