Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Supporters Search For Common Ground
2 years ago

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Pro-Life Woman Answering Pro-Choice Comments
5 months ago

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THE GRAPEVINE | PRO-LIFE  VS PRO-CHOICE: Should Abortion be Legal?   | S4E23
2 weeks ago

With the upcoming 2020 election underway, the pro-life vs pro-choice debate is now front and center. Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri are just three states that ...

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Can They See Eye To Eye?
1 day ago

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Pro-choice or pro-life? 39% of Americans don't pick a side.
4 years ago

About 1000 Americans, plus a handful of interviewees in Times Square, show that when it comes to abortion in the US, there's a surprising gray area. For more ...

Young Man DESTROYS The Pro-Choice Argument in 5 MINUTES
5 months ago

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Defeating Pro-Life Arguments
2 months ago

I recently attended the March for Life in my City and was able to capture a lot of the footage which depicted pro-choice counter-protesters and so I was exposed ...

2 months ago

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Do College Students Support Abortion Or Life?
6 months ago

The mainstream narrative says that college students fervently support "a woman's right to choose." But does the narrative reflect reality? Will Witt went to UCLA to ...

Pro-Abortion Activists Can't Answer This One Simple Question
3 years ago

MRCTV's Dan Joseph heads into a crowd of pro-abortionists and asks them a question most would like to avoid. Subscribe to MRCTV's YouTube channel: ...

I'm Pro-Life (3rd Edition) | Change My Mind
5 months ago

Steven Crowder visits a college campus to have real conversations with everyday people on hot-button issues. In this installment, he addresses the ...

The Best Pro-Choice Argument Ever || Ben Shapiro
7 months ago

Man Shuts Down Anti-Abortion Argument By Asking One Question, Ben Shapiro Responds His name is Patrick S. Tomlinson, and he's a science fiction writer.

Reframing Reproductive Rights: Going Beyond Pro-Choice vs Pro Life | Asha Dahya | TEDxNormal
6 months ago

Asha Dahya, Journalist and women's rights activist; founder/editor of, presents: “Reframing Reproductive Rights: Going Beyond Pro-Choice vs ...

The ProLife/ProChoice Protester Fight!! Pro Choice Pro Life Movement
3 years ago

The ProLife/ProChoice Protester Fight!!!!! Watch as I capture the Pro life and pro choice protestors battle it out!!!! Mia gets a pet. Argofox Dylan Hardy - Strangely ...

Pro-Life Replies: "My Body, My Choice"
2 months ago

"My body, my choice." It's one of the most common claims used to defend abortion. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? In this video, Kirsten ...

I’m Pro-Life | Change My Mind
2 years ago

Change My Mind: Abortion. In a new segment called "Change My Mind", Steven Crowder takes to the streets to have real conversations with everyday people on ...

Pro-Life Women Respond to New Netflix Abortion Documentary
10 months ago

A new Netflix documentary, “Reversing Roe”, left out interviews with pro-life women leaders – the President of the March for Life, Jeanne Mancini, tells us what ...

Short film about Abortion/Pro-Choice/Pro-Life: "Choices"
9 years ago

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Two Marches: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion
6 months ago

Sign the petition to DEFUND Planned Parenthood: Within 24 hours there were two ...

Bill Nye slams anti-abortion activists
4 years ago

Scientist Bill Nye weighs in on reproductive health issues, including abortions and women's rights.

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