The NEW Walther PPK/S Tabletop Review and Field Strip
1 month ago

Tabletop Review and Field Strip of the new Walther PPK/S Find the gear we use and approve of:

Walther PPK
7 years ago

Shooting and discussing this Classic design from Walther, the PPK/S ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit the website and check out what ...

New Production Walther PPK/S Shooting Impressions
2 weeks ago

Shooting Impressions of the new Walther PPK/S featuring Maddy AR and BurgundyBomber. Find the gear we use and approve of: ...

Walther PPK Review: A very underrated firearm
8 years ago

This is a range report and review of what I feel to be one of the most underrated firearms on the market today...the Walther PPK.

Walther Brings the PPK Back Into Production! (SHOT Show 2019)
4 weeks ago

Walther announces the return of the iconic PPK pistol. 007 celebrates with a martini. Support Burst Review with PayPal: ...

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Walther PPK
1 year ago

This video takes a look at one of the most popular CCW pocket pistols the PPK and 10 thing you probably didn't know about this historic concealed carry pistol ...

Walther PPK/S .22lr First Shots
3 months ago

American Pawn & Gun LLC 3306 West Highway 74 Unit L, Monroe, North Carolina 28110 Walther Arms PPK/S .22 22LR 3.35" TB 10+1 Black Music ...

James Bond gets his Walther PPK
7 years ago

From Dr. NO, James Bond gets his Walther PPK NOTE: Yes he says MI7, look here

The Walther PPK .22 is Always Subsonic - Myth or Magic?
2 years ago

In this episode of TFBTV, James investigates a rumor he heard emanating from the basement where the TFB writers are kept: Is the Walther PPK barrel too kurz ...

Walther PPK/S .22lr - Suppressed - uswg01
1 year ago

I found it! Re-Upload of my (uswg01) original video, even in the horribly incorrect video aspect ratio! Enjoy!

Walther PPK/S .380 Handgun Review: A Classic Eclipsed
7 years ago

Buy Walther accessories here: The gun we all know and love as the James Bond gun is slightly updated in the Walther PPK/S. The ...

WHY can't you find a NEW WALTHER PPK?
2 years ago

Why can't you find a NEW Walther PPK? Since Walther and Smith & Wesson severed ties a couple years ago, there have not been any NEW Walther PPK .380 ...

PPK "Reload"
13 years ago

Sequel for "Resurection" :-) Directed by Nik 3D. 2002.

Walther PPK/S Shooting and Review: A True Classic
3 years ago

Here is a video review of the Walther PPK/S. This PPK/S was manufactured by Smith and Wesson under the license of Walther. The Walther PPK/S is a widely ...

1 month ago

Insta @felipedjhay #SHEVCHENKOeELLOCO #Lancateupassinho #bregabregoso.

Shooting a 1933 Walther PPK in 32acp
7 years ago

Another one that's not all that uncommon, but people like to see them and I finally brought it out to film. This one is a bit more interesting in my opinion because ...

Christina Firing Walther PPK .380ACP
9 years ago

Christina Firing Walther PPK .380ACP.

Walther PPK Review
5 years ago

The Walther PPK is legendary. Known for it's smooth handling and beautiful lines, the 80 year old design still outshines virtually any other 380 pistol on the ...

6 days ago

FAÇO LIVES DE GAMES TODOS OS DIAS AQUI - Seu like É MUITO importante! ○ Insta: @MandyCandyReal ...

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