@POTUS: The First Tweet
4 years ago

President Obama launches the first-ever @POTUS twitter account. Follow @POTUS on Twitter to hear directly from the President.

POTUS MISSPOKE: President Trump On Russian Meddling During 2016 Election
1 year ago

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com President Trump said Tuesday that he misspoke when he seemed to dismiss allegations of Russian ...

President and Mrs. Obama play POTUS/FLOTUS game
3 years ago

In an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama answer sentence prompts. Watch the ...

POTUS in the Wild: The Highlights
3 years ago

The President celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

POTUS gives remarks on immigration with Angel Families
1 year ago

President Trump is making new comments on immigration with "Angel families" - families affected by crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

POTUS the predictor: Trump foretold housing upswing in 2012
2 years ago

'The Property Man' Bob Massi provides insight.

Professor POTUS on the Senate and the Supreme Court
3 years ago

At University of Chicago Law, President Obama explains why Senate Republicans must do their job and consider his Supreme Court nominee, Chief Judge ...

Is POTUS undermining President-elect Trump?
3 years ago

'The O'Reilly Factor' examines how President Obama's exit strategy will impact the next administration.

Obama Official: Trump’s 'Go Back' Disqualifies Him To Be POTUS | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
1 week ago

Panelists Michelle Bernard, Tiffany Cross, Neal Katyal and Adam Green candidly react to Trump's attacks and examine the influence of everyday racism ...

Trump vs Sessions: How POTUS turned on his AG
2 years ago

President Donald Trump has quickly changed his view of his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. From public praise to criticism, here's a look back at their ...

President Obama answers Why a Children's Book? // SiriusXM // POTUS
9 years ago

Sign Up for a Free SiriusXM Trial: http://full.sc/1dYpRxD Politics of the United States for people of the United States. Find POTUS on Facebook: ...

POTUS The Powerful
1 year ago

Joseph A. Califano, Jr., author of OUR DAMAGED DEMOCRACY, discusses the immense powers of the President and the Executive branch of the U.S. ...

POTUS’ Kashmir Statement Underscores Biggest Problem In US system: Ram Madhav
1 day ago

In the very first reaction of Bharatiya Janata Party on Kashmir statement by Donald Trump, Ram Madhav said that such a statement showed how flawed the ...

POTUS Envy - GTA 5 Funny Moments
1 month ago

LIBERAL BIAS ALERT! In the following discussion of bangable presidents, the cast makes no mention of our current America Re-Greatening Commander In ...

That's POTUS - Obama's Funny Moments with Kids at Halloween 2016 at the White House
3 years ago

U.S President Barack Obama's Funny moments with Kids during Trick or Treat event for Halloween 2016 at the White House. Video Source / Courtesy : White ...

POTUS and FLOTUS sing 'Happy Birthday' to Usher
4 years ago

The President and First Lady of the United States serenade popstar Usher on his birthday. Report by Jessica Wakefield. Current affairs, amazing footage and ...

FULL STATE OF THE UNION: President Trump Addresses Nation from House Chamber (FNN)
6 months ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday invited President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address on February 5. The invitation from Pelosi ...

West Wing Week 02/07/14 or "POTUS Cam!"
5 years ago

This week, the President urged action on long term unemployment, hung out on Google for his first virtual road trip, announced major private sector commitments ...

Fugitive wanted for threats to POTUS captured
10 months ago

A fugitive wanted for threatening to shoot the President of the United States has been arrested.

Rafello - Potus ft. Kingsize (prod. Esko)
1 year ago

Rafello - Potus ft. Kingsize Spotify: http://bit.do/PotusSpotify Deezer: http://bit.do/PotusDeezer Itunes: http://bit.do/PotusItunes CREDITS Muziek Productie: Esko ...

The US President's $2,614 Per Minute Transport System
2 years ago

Check out Squarespace: http://squarespace.com/wendover Use the code "Wendover" for 10% off your order Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: ...

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