Minneapolis Police Department bodycam footage shows scene of Justine Ruszczyk fatal shooting
2 days ago

Minneapolis Police Department bodycam footage was presented as evidence during Mohamed Noor's murder trial in Hennepin County District Court in April ...

New episode of "Whistleblower" goes inside the Chicago Police Department
2 days ago

The hit series of "Whistleblower" is back for season 2 on CBS. This week, a police officer named Shannon Spalding worked undercover to discover some of the ...

Dallas police department flooded with applicants after ambush
3 years ago

Hundreds of potential recruits are lining up to join the Dallas police department after last month's deadly ambush of officers. Police Chief David Brown delivered ...

Boston Police Department looking for help in identifying suspects in South Boston assault
4 days ago

Boston Police responded to a radio call for an assault and battery in the area of 408 E. Third Street in South Boston on May 12. Anyone with information is urged ...

Norfolk Police Department Lip Sync Battle
10 months ago

When it comes to facing the music, the Norfolk Police Department never backs down. After being challenged to a lip sync battle by the Corinth Police Department ...

How a Milwaukee police department is training cops to be less biased
2 years ago

By its very nature, police work can put officers in the middle of highly-charged situations that sometimes escalate into violence. Now, one department is looking ...

Detroit Police Department looking to hire more Detroiters
3 days ago

The Detroit Police Department is looking to hire more Detroiters.

Raleigh Police Department Running Man Challenge
3 years ago

What happens when the Raleigh Police Department (RPD), Carolina Ballet, Swift Creek Band, Sir Walter Raleigh, McGruff the Crime Dog, several local pastors ...

Arizona Police Department Releases Body-cam Footage of Punching Incident
8 months ago

Renee Armenta was pulled over by a Goodyear Police Department officer on Sept. 6, 2018. She said that the officer punched her after accusing her of resisting ...

Metra Police Department Recruitment
8 months ago

The Metra Police Department is a professional force of more than 140 sworn officers and civilian support staff who are responsible for the security of Metra ...

Game of Thrones’ Night King joins Texas police department
1 week ago

The Game of Thrones' character 'Night King' appears to have been recently 'recruited' by a police department in Texas. In a parody video the notorious villain is ...

Active shooter training with MILO at Yarmouth Police Department
2 months ago

The Yarmouth Police Department uses a program called MILO that uses hundreds of virtual simulations to train officers.

Delano Police Department releases lip sync video
9 months ago

Delano Police Department has released their Lip Sync Video! They have called out all Kern County law enforcement agencies to produce a video as well.

Amtrak Police Department Recruitment Video
4 years ago

Interested in joining the Amtrak Police Department? Learn more about the department's role in keeping America's railroad safe.

Video shows man being punched multiple times in face by Dover Police
6 days ago

The family of a New Jersey man is demanding answers after disturbing cellphone videos surfaced overnight of his violent arrest by the Dover Police department.

Boston Police Department Summer Safety Press Conference 2019 - Promo
4 days ago

Mayor Walsh, Police Commissioner Gross, District Attorney Rachael Rollins, and elected officials gather at Boston Police Headquarters in anticipation for the ...

Lip Sync Challenge 2018 - McKinney, Texas Police Department
10 months ago

Epic Lipsync Challenge video from the McKinney Police Department! #LipSyncChallenge Follow us on social media! Instagram: ...

Bozeman Police Department's annual report reveals more calls for service
5 hours ago

Just over 50000 calls for service that range from a quick interaction with a citizen to numerous hours spent on a felony crime were made in 2018.

No Justice: How The Chicago Police Department Has Failed To Solve Thousands Of Rape Cases In Last De
4 days ago

These four women say police have no new developments, and they are still waiting for justice, despite some of their cases dating back years ago.

Palantir at the Los Angeles Police Department
6 years ago

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States, with nearly 10000 officers serving a population ...

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